Slappy the Dummy
Slappy the Dummy

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Slappy the Dummy


The Dummy That is No Dummy, Ol' Crazy Eye, The Bad Boy, Smiley


Make his owners his slaves


Sold or destroyed

Slappy the Dummy is a recurring antagonist in the children's horror-book series Goosebumps as well as the associated media that followed - he is considered one of the series most popular and successful villains of all, as well as being the central antagonist of one of the series most popular story arcs, the Night of the Living Dummy series and the 2015 film adaption of the books.


Slappy takes the form of a ventriloquist dummy but is granted life and becomes evil, threatening everyone around him and becoming more of a threat as the series progressed. The only way to make him live is by saying the following spell: Karru Marri Odonno Loma Molunnu Karrano. Written down on a business card, he keeps the spell in his pocket. Almost every new owner reads out the spell, causing the electricity to act strange for a few seconds. Slappy keeps himself quiet, as the new owner finds out strange things are happening in the house. Furniture gets moved, things disappear and re-appear. He has a behavior of a very naughty child, or a Poltergeist. He also has the ability to change people into ventriloquist dolls with his green breath. With this breath, he also can animate other dolls and puppets. He is blown into pieces in the Goosebumps television series, in Episode 3: Night Of The Living Dummy.


Night of the Living Dummy

Slappy was first found by twins, Lindy and Kris Powell, inside a dumpster behind a house under construction. Lindy immediately took a liking to Slappy and gave him his name, despite Kris disliking the dummy. The twins took Slappy home and Lindy began practicing ventriloquism, gaining some popularity amongst her neighbors and making Kris jealous. Despite remaining inactive the majority of the time, Slappy briefly came to life and struck Kris across the face when she tried to hold him. However, Lindy was blamed for this and forced to apologize.

Some time later, Lindy and Kris' parents bought Mr. Wood, another dummy. Unbeknownst to the family, Mr. Wood was actually Slappy's brother. After Mr. Wood was given to Kris, Lindy orchestrated a series of pranks, tricking Kris into believing Mr. Wood was alive. Eventually, Kris read the ancient spell and brought Mr. Wood to life. The doll, after humiliating Kris twice, announced that she and Lindy were his slaves. However, Mr. Wood was ultimately defeated by being run over by a steamroller. However, Mr. Wood's death somehow made Slappy twice as evil and increased his rudeness a thousandfold, and when the girls returned home, Slappy grabbed Kris and announced that he was the girls' master now that Mr. Wood was gone.

Night of the Living Dummy II

Slappy, after the events of the first book, was presumably defeated by the twins and delivered to a pawnshop, where he was bought by Mr. Kramer and given to his daughter, Amy. Amy discovered the ancient words and read them aloud, bringing Slappy to life. After Amy removed a rotting sandwich from Slappy's head, the dummy struck Mr. Kramer across the face. Slappy's cruelty continued when he insulted Amy's parents during Amy's ventriloquist act, framing Amy for this. Afterwards, Slappy framed Amy for smearing paint in her sister Sara's room, leading her to be grounded. Despite this, Amy is still allowed to perform at a birthday party with Slappy.

At the party, a young girl named Alicia asks to be introduced to Slappy, but the dummy springs to life and squeezes Alicia's hand, causing Amy to once more take the blame for this and be sent home. Shortly afterwards, Slappy vandalizes Sara's room by writing Amy's name repeatedly on the wall, but unbeknownst to the dummy, Sara witnesses him do this. However, Sara blames Amy out of envy for her younger sister. Amy, suspecting the dummy, stays awake at night and witnesses Slappy come alive. Slappy sneaks into Sara's room, but is tackled by Amy. However, Sara wakes up and once again blames Amy for attempting to vandalize her room.

Amy is appointed to a doctor on Wednesday, but as Amy contemplates what to do, Slappy confronts her and informs her that she's his slave. When Amy refuses to subjugate to Slappy, he threatens to vandalize her sibling's room again and blame Amy for it. Angered at this, Amy attacks Slappy, but is overpowered and knocked unconscious. However, Amy awakens and manages to lock Slappy in a closet. Amy pleads for Sara to help stop the dummy, and Sara confesses to knowing Slappy was alive, but wanted to get Amy in trouble as she was envious of her. After the siblings reconcile, they tie up Slappy and discard him out of the house. Unfortunately for the siblings, Slappy returns to the house the next day.

Amy and Sara form a plan to defeat Slappy. The two arrange their parents to hide in the closet while their younger brother, Jed, dresses as Amy's old dummy, Dennis, to ambush Slappy and defeat him. After school, Slappy sneaks into Sara's room, followed by Amy, where he is supposedly attacked by Jed. Slappy's head is cracked against Sara's bedpost, breaking his head in two. Mr. and Mrs. Kramer apologize to Amy for not having believed Slappy was alive and go to congratulate Jed. However, Jed reveals he was asleep the whole time, implying that Dennis himself had attacked and destroyed Slappy.

Night of the Living Dummy III

Slappy was found in a garbage can by dummy collector Mr. O'Dell, who repaired his broken head and gave him to his children, Trina and Daniel. Trina soon found the ancient words and read them aloud to Slappy, who came to life and struck her across the face. Afterwards, their cousin Zane came to visit them, during which he framed his cousins for several catastrophes. However, Trina and Daniel caught him taking Rocky, one of the dummies, from the attic. Afterwards, the three formed a truce not to scare each other again. However, Slappy soon began to frame Zane for more incidents by placing Rocky at the scene of several catastrophes.

Eventually, Trina and Daniel hide in the attic to catch Zane in action, but instead find Slappy carrying Rocky away. Upon being discovered, Slappy strikes Trina across the face and declares that she and Daniel are his slaves. However, the two siblings overpower Slappy and dump him in a well. Unfortunately for the two, Slappy returns to the house the next day. Trina and Daniel confront the dummy, who once again denounces the two as his slaves. However, Trina remembers the ancient words and reasons that reading them again will put Slappy back to sleep. Daniel holds Slappy down while Trina reads the ancient words. Though the words fail to put Slappy to sleep, it does awaken the other dummies in the attic, who beat Slappy into unconsciousness. Afterwards, while Zane was leaving, Trina gave Slappy to him on his request. Just before Zane left the house, Trina noticed Slappy wink to her just before leaving.

Goosebumps (2015)

Slappy the Dummy (2015 film)


  • Shares a few similarities to Chucky, one of them being they are both Complete Monsters. However, Chucky is a murderous doll that wants to transfer his soul into a human body, while Slappy is an evil dummy that tries to make his owners his slaves.
  • His pervertic side is similiair to Old Nick, the villain of Room.
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