Sledge is the main antagonist of Power Rangers Dino Charge. He is an intergalactic bounty hunter who wishes to obtain the Energems and use their power to conqeur the universe, but is opposed by the Dino Charge Power Rangers. He orbits the Earth onboard his spaceship, joined by his generals Fury, Wrench and Poisandra (who is also his fiance). His monsters are in actuality the outlaws he has captured during his years as a bounty hunter, to who he promises freedom if they manage to retrieve the energems for him. Whenever they are destroyed, he fires an energy blast dubbed the Magnabeam down to Earth, reanimating it and causing it to grow.


65 million years ago, Sledge attempted to steal the Energems from an alien known as the Keeper, eventually shooting him down over planet Earth. Surviving the crash, Keeper entrusted the Energems to various dinosaurs for safekeeping, and tricked Fury in to bringing a bomb onboard Sledge's ship. The resulting explosion sent Sledge and his crew careening off into space and releasing all of the asteroids Sldge had collected, leaving Fury stuck on Earth while the asteroids impacted the planet, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Sledge returns in the present day to once again claim the Energems for himself, only to find himself opposed by the Dino Charge Rangers, a group of teenagers founded by Keeper who fight and defeat the monsters he and his genereals release onto the world, as well as finding the Energems before Sledge. Eventually, Sledge, fed up of Poisandra's constant nagging, has Wrench create Curio in order to keep her occupied while he and the other generals focus on retrieving the Energems.

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