Smiler emoji movie

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Delete any emojis deemed "malfunctions" to preserve Alex's phone


Stripped of power and sent to the "loser lounge", deemed useless

An emoji should only be one thing.
~ Smiler

Smiler is the main antagonist of the 2017 animated film The Emoji Movie. She is the leader and supervisor of the digital city of Textopolis. As her name suggests, she is a smiley emoji, as well as the original emoticon.

She was voiced by Maya Rudolph.


During Gene Meh's first day at work, Smiler appeared to act as a guide to the newer emojis, explaining to them the process of sending an emoji. When the phone's user, Alex, received a text from his crush Addie, he decided to respond by sending her a meh emoji. When he selected Gene, the young emoji panicked and inadvertently revealed to the other emojis that he had the ability to make numerous expressions. This caused Smiler to label Gene a "malfunction" and schedule a board meeting to decide his fate.

During the board meeting that followed, Smiler attempted to have Gene deleted by her bots, but the young emoji managed to escape. Aided by Hi-5, Gene left Textopolis in search of a hacker emoji in order to fix him. Upon learning of this, Smiler unleashes her bots to retrieve Gene, leading to chaos in the phone. This results in Alex scheduling a phone appointment to have his phone erased. Upon learning of this, a panicking Smiler upgrades one of her bots and sends it out to capture Gene and return him to Textopolis, where he will be deleted in front of everyone.

When Gene is captured and brought to the text center, Smiler prepares to have him deleted, hoping that the removal of a "malfunction" would convince Alex not to erase his phone. However, Gene's parents arrived, and Gene's father Mel revealed that he, too, could make numerous expressions. Smiler immediately ordered Mel to be deleted along with Gene, this act horrifying the other emotions. Before the bot could delete the two, Hi-5 and Jailbreak intervened and disabled the bot. As Smiler approached Jailbreak, stunned that she had defeated the upgraded bot, she was suddenly crushed beneath the bot, incapacitating her.

In a mid-credits scene, it was revealed that Smiler had been removed from power and sent to reside in the "loser loungue", where unpopular and unused emojis hang out. She was shown wearing braces due to her teeth being fractured by the bot. She was shown playing a game of cards and losing, prompting her to look at the camera sadly.

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