Full Name



The Chief Cat


Kill Little Stuart and Snowbell


Gets attacked by a dog and probably gets killed.

Not bad for a dead house-cat. Say good-night, Tinkerbell.
~ Smokey preparing to kill Snowbell

Smokey is the main antagonist in Stuart Little. He is voiced by Chazz Palminteri, who also voiced Buster from Lady and The Tramp II:Scamp's Adventure.

Stuart Little

He is Red and Lucky's leader, and Monty's former boss, and is indeed a crime lord. In the end, he tries to kill Snowbell, but he was defeated by Stuart Little smacking him with a branch, and Smokey then fell into the water. After this, he is attacked by a vicious dog and is presumably killed.


Smokey had a hostile personality, which is somewhat similar to that of a mobster.

He dislikes Stuart intensely. He was friends with Snowbell until he found out that Snowbell had Stuart for a small master.


  • Smokey has called Snowbell "Tinkerbell" twice.
  • Smokey also dislikes dogs.


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