The Soul Archer is one of the three secondary antagonists of season 5 of Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is voiced by Brian Dobson.


At one point, Soul Archer won a huge bet against Ronin, which the mercenary was unable to pay off. The archer gave him a limited time to pay it back or else he would banish him to the Cursed Realm. It is unknown when the Soul Archer himself ended up there, or how.


Stiix and Stones

Morro freed Soul Archer from the Cursed Realm using the Allied Armor of Azure in order to aid in his acquisition of the Airjitzu scroll, which was currently in the possession of Ronin. In response, Soul Archer shot an arrow at the town gate, promising to claim what was rightfully theirs.

The two snuck into the town and confronted Ronin. However, the Ninja soon arrived and Morro ordered them to hide while they searched the pawn shop. While they were busy, Soul Archer possessed an organ and attacked Jay, though was quickly fended off as the others splashed a jug of water at it.Ronin attempted to escape in R.E.X. and Soul Archer shot one of his arrows at him. After Morro recovered the scroll, he returned to the ruins of the shop on his Elemental Dragon to retrieve the Archer.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

Soul Archer and Morro journeyed to a cave where the latter used the armor to summon Bansha and Ghoultar in the hopes that they would be able to decipher the next clue. They soon discovered that it was the Sword of Sanctuary, protected in the Cloud Kingdom, which could only be accessed scaling the Wailing Alps and jumping into the Blind Man's Eye.

The three ghosts accompanied Morro to the Samurai X Cave, intending to possess one of the mechs, which would be needed to ascend the treacherous mountain. Before they could do so however, Nya ambushed them in the Samurai Mech, though the ghosts gained the upper hand as she couldn't physically hit them. She eventually ejected from the mech, leaving Ghoultar to possess it and turn it into the Mech-enstein. Chasing her and Ronin outside, they cornered them as Morro stood in the R.E.X. Just as they were about to finish them off, it miraculously started to rain, and the ghosts flew away, taking the Mech-enstien, with them.


He accompanies Morro, Ghoultar and Bansha and helps them climb the Wailing Alps.

Kingdom Come

Soul Archer and Bansha soon met up with Morro atop the mountain. Soul Archer assured him that there would be another opportunity as Bansha made contact with Fenwick and made a deal with him that allowed them to enter Cloud Kingdom the back way.

The Crooked Path

He is one of the ghosts seen to be laughing at Ronin and he accompanies Morro in his hideout.

Grave Danger

Curse World - Part I

Soul Archer returned to Ninjago when Morro opened a portal between the two realms in Stiix.

As the ghosts took over the town to prepare for their master's arrival, Soul Archer patrolled the streets before meeting up with Ghoultar, Morro, and Wrayth atop Ronin's pawn shop.

Later the ghosts were alerted to the Green Ninja's presence by the ghost dragons and Soul Archer aided in his capture. They brought the Green Ninja before Morro in the center of town where they discovered it to be Nya - the water ninja - under the green gi. It was then that the other Ninja began their attack on the city and Morro ordered Soul Archer to help stop them.

Soul Archer eventually found Kai and attempted to shoot a ghost arrow at him, but the Red Ninja managed to escape.

Curse World - Part II

Soul Archer is seen on the Preeminent shooting at the Ninja until Kai and Zane mix their elements to make water to vaporize him. He later comes back out of the Preeminent with Bansha. Only to later be completely destroyed for good.

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