Spopovitch (スポポビッチ)

Once a massively tall, tough, bulky, and strong (for a human) man, he fought against Mr. Satan and lost in the previous World Tournament according to the anime. Babidi took control of his mind along with Yamu in the Buu Saga. Spopovich was then turned into an insane, powerful humanoid being. He was then sent by Babidi to collect energy at the 25th Tenka-ichi Budoukai. He fights Videl in the first round and vicariously takes his revenge on Mr. Satan by nearly beating her to death. He would have succeeded if Yamu didn't intervene with what was left of his humanity, reminding the brute that such cruelty is not necessary to their mission. Yamu and Spopovich team up on Gohan and, using a special device, they rob him of his energy, though it was Supreme Kai paralyzing Gohan before the attack that attributed to the ease of their task's completion. After completely draining him, they return to their master, Babidi, to deliver the energy to him. Babidi soon decides they have outlived their usefulness and causes him to explode in a slow and painful process.

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