Stanley is one of the main antagonists in American Horror Story: Freak Show.


Stanley confesses to Jimmy Darling when he is in jail that he lost his mother at a young age, which lead him into trouble, however it is uncertain whether or not this is true.

Stanley met Maggie in Kansas City in 1941, where she was stopped by a police officer for theft. Stanley quickly took the opportunity to defend her by stating that she was his child and was aiming to get into the character of Oliver Twist for a stage production. Stanley took Maggie under his wing, training her how to best be a thief/con-artist. He paid her 10 cents to the dollar, which was a payment Maggie couldn't refuse, he also gave her food and lodging.

Personality and Appearance

Stanley is a con man with a quick disguise set up for his next scheme. He is driven by greed and seems to have no moral qualms about inflicting pain and putting others in danger for his own financial gain. Stanley is homosexual. Stanley has what some may see as his own "freak" quality, possessing a very long penis.


Stanley works for the American Morbidity Museum, along with Maggie, under the disguise of medical connoisseurs in which he is trying to convince the curator to buy what he claims to be “a genuine sasquatch fetus” to which she readily dismisses as a fake. With the money drying up, he and Maggie find and attend the freak show under the new disguise as an agent which readily attracts Elsa. Using Maggie’s façade as a fortune teller, he uses her as his inside woman to scope out potential money making victims.

With his dark antics he is primarily responsible for the death of Ma Petite by blackmailing Dell Toledo, he is also responsible for the lose of Jimmy’s hands, and for sawing the head of Salty after his death - ironically one he was not responsible for. Once his crimes were discovered by the remaining freaks, they proceeded to saw off his limbs and dress him as Meep - keeping him caged as punishment.

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