Shelinda is second in command in the Balban rankings. Shelinda lead numerous attacks against the Gingaman, one of them was the attack on the GingaForest where Ogi had to turn everyone to stone so she wouldn't steal the Ginga Forest energy. Shelinda also had a personal dislike for Hayate. While in battle one time she received a bloody injury by him nand she never forgave him for it. One time she stole a present given to Hayate by his lost love Miharu and made an evil double of her to fight against Hayate. In the past, she had developed some kind of realtionship with Budou. She later killed Pukuratesu when he doubled crossed Captain Zahab. She was not one to back down from a fight. Her specializes in fighting with a sword. Shelinda was the navigator of Daitnaksu. She was later resurrected in 'Gingaman V.s Megaranger' and defeated by them.

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