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Help Lord Bagra collect the Code Crown


Killed by OmniShoutmon

Tactimon is the main antagonist in the first season of Digimon Fusion, one of the three generals in the Bagra Army, along with Laylamon and Blastmon.


Tactimon is an unknown level Digimon that resembles a demonic sword-wielding samurai.

Digimon Fusion

Tactimon was the most powerful generals in the Bagra Army.

After Mikey and his friends arrived to the Digital World to rescue Shoutmon, Tactimon finds himself to wits end when they and Shoutmon's group claim the Forest and Island Zones he was attempting to dominate. After witnessing the Green and Island Zones being conquered and the enemies defeated by the Fusion Fighters as well as clogging AncientVolcanomon, Tactimon arrives at the Magma Zone to deal with the Fusion Fighters. Dorulumon told the Fusion Fighters that he was once a right-hand man of Tactimon. Tactimon then puts Mikey, Dorulumon, and Shoutmon in prison, but BlueMeramon freed them, betraying the Bagra Army. Later, after AncientVolcanomon's defeat, Tactimon easily defeated MailBirdramon and Greymon, forcing Christopher and his comrades to retreat.

After the Fusion Fighters defeated Kongoumon's MegaKabuterimon soldiers, Tactimon fought Shoutmon X4 (as X4B), but was no match for the centaur's strength.

After Matadormon and Breakdramon were defeated by Shoutmon X5, Tactimon was fed up with his comrades being defeated by the Fusion Fighters, and decided to deal with the members of the Fusion Fighters and the Blue Flare army in the Sword Zone. With Greymon's help, Shoutmon X5 (as X5B) blasted Tactimon into the sky. But suddenly, Lord Bagra sent Mikey and his friends and Shoutmon (and Tactimon) back to the Real World. When Mikey, Angie, Jeremy and Shoutmon returned to the Real World, Tactimon fed off the energy and rampaged. Shoutmon became his new form, OmniShoutmon, and fights Tactimon. OmniShoutmon defeats Tactimon for good, and his blade, Sword of Storms, sank into the ocean.

Members of Tactimon's Army

Tactimon's Enemies

  • Mikey Kudou
  • The Fusion Fighters
  • The Blue Flare Army
  • OmniShoutmon


  • Earth Shaker: Strikes the ground with his sword, splitting it in two.
  • Tectonic Tremor: Stikes his sword two times, summoning undead warriors.
  • Earth Hammer: Strikes the ground three times with his sword, paralyzing his opponents.
  • Ultimate Tactic


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