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Talia Al Ghul

Full Name

Talia Al Ghul


Miranda Tate
The Child of Ra's Al Ghul
Mrs. Tate


The Dark Knight Rises


A masterminding terroristic businesswomen who was the co-leading heir of the League of Shadows as well as the secret daughter of Ra's Al Ghul and accomplice of Bane

Powers and Skills

Master of Deception


Romancing with Bruce Wayne and escalating her own business purposes
(As Miranda Tate)
Ridding the world of economic problems and unnecessary people
(As Talia Al Ghul)


To assist Bane in fulfilling his father's legacy by destroying Gotham City and avenge his death simultaneously by killing Batman
(All Failed)


Gets fatally injured upon crashing her truck below the motorway

Type of Villain

Big Bad
Business Mastermind
Charismatic Villainess
Terrorist Leader

Talia Al Ghul, secretly aliased as Miranda Tate, was a false supporting protagonist and the hidden secondary antagonist of The Dark Knight Rises.



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