Group: Android - Level: Champion - Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Hyper Cannon, Machine Gun Arm

Tankmon is an Android Digimon whose name and design are derived from the tank. It holds the alias of "Mercenary Digimon", since it will assist both Vaccine and Virus Digimon if it becomes profitable to do so. With its heavyweight-power and the heavy artillery installed all throughout its body, it can pulverize the enemy into scrap without even turning to face them. As it is extremely fond of strife, it follows after conflicts wherever they occur. When this loner Digimon goes somewhere, the fighting there will never cease.

Digimon AdventureEdit

An army of Tankmon worked for Machinedramon in his city. Tai, Agumon, Izzy and Tentomon encountered one patrolling the hospital while being chased by one of theMekanorimon on the main level. The two DigiDestinedand their Digimon jumped out off a window as the two Digimon's attacks collided, destroying them. Izzy used his laptop to confuse all of Machinedramon's army. MetalGreymon crushed some. The final fate of the Tankmon is unknown.

Role in UltimaEdit

In Ultima, Tankmon are main attack-type Digimon Minions, in the Organization's Digimon forces. They are created when a Hagurumon is injected with reptilian mutagen and forcibly merged inside a tank, then forced to digivolve with Digivolution-Mutagen.

They are a natural digivolution of ToyAgumon and Hagurumon, and will digivolve through DNA-Digivolution into WaruMonzaemon with Mekanorimon, MetalMamemon with Mamemon, and MetalTyrannomon with both Mekanorimon and Tyrannomon. Tankmon can also DNA-Digivolve with or without Greymon to become MilitaryGreymon.


Hyper Cannon: Fires a super-powerful missile from the gun barrel on its head.

Machine Gun Arms (Machine Gun Arm)

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