Tenaya 7 is a Generation 7 Human Infiltration Attack Bot created by the virus Venjix.

She is a human-cyborg hybrid, using the physical form of a girl called Tenaya. Tenaya was abducted during the first wave of the Venjix assault, she was blind at the time. She underwent many physical upgrades alongside her brother Dillon, the Series Black Operator.

After several failures, Venjix decided to reveal his latest Attack Bot, Tenaya 7. She was presented as an obnoxious, rude, young woman with a lot to say for herself. She initially presented a difference to Ziggy between her and the other Attack Bots, she enjoyed her work. Tenaya was ruthless and sought out every opportunity to stop the Rangers, but also criticise Venjix. Tenaya made a fierce enemy in Dr. K, after forcing her to undergo emotional torment at her creation of the Venjix virus. Eventually, however, Dillon discovered Tenaya was actually his sister and after saving her life, she also discovered the truth. Tenaya began to form a strong bond with Dillon and the other Rangers, but was swiftly kidnapped by Venjix's latest creation Kilobyte. She was taken back to Venjix's Palace where she was wiped of her remaining humanity, leaving her just a psychotic robot.

With a new look and a new name, Tenaya 15 left nothing stop her from thwarting the Rangers' every moves. During Venjix's final assault, his End Game, she served as one of his major generals and led the captive Ziggy and Dr. K to their deaths, but Ziggy broke them out. She made one last stand against the remaining Rangers, giving it all her power. But a clever ambush, allowed Dillon to inject Tenaya with the antivirus. She lay writhing in pain until the Venjix virus became dormant. Tenaya was stripped of her Series 15 implants and pressumably her Series 7 implants. Tenaya decided the only way to help her brother was to stop Venjix. Dr. K injected Tenaya with a new virus, one to conteract the original Venjix virus, where she then headed to the main control room to implant it directly into Venjix's central core. She succeeded in installing the virus and Venjix was weakened by his link to the Biofield being broken. Gem and Gemma, the Gold and Silver Series Operators were eventually restored to health and used their zords to blast the Main Control Room from it's supports on the Corinth Dome. However Tenaya was locked in battle with General Crunch, who was intent on stopping the new virus. As the Control Room began to fall, Dillon broke in and rescued his sister, just as it seemed they would both fall to their doom, Dillon broke the parachute hatch open and jumped with Tenaya, leaving Crunch to plummet down with the Control Room that would impale and destroy Venjix. The other Ranger's feared Dillon and Tenaya may have also fallen and been destroyed but soon revealed that they were just 'enjoying the view' as put by Dillon.

Tenaya eventually rejoined the others and removed her robotic clothes, it's possible these were only attached to her while she had the Series 7 and 15 implants. She was informed by Dr. K that her only remained implants, in her eyes, would most likely fail and she would once again be blind, however she seemed uninterested in this fact. Tenaya then set off with Dillon and Summer, who are presumably a fully established couple by this point, into the world. Without Venjix's factories, the pollution in the air dissipated and allowed the land to return to it's prior glory.

The final shot of the series is of Tenaya, Dillon and Summer finding the plant Dillon watered in the Road to Corinth, returning to once again feed the flower. But on their arrival, they discovered the plant had reproduced vastly, leaving a field of these colourful plants. It was then shown that Dillon, Tenaya and Summer had formed their own family together and looked off into the distance and towards the future.

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