The Academy Teacher is one of the two secondary antagonists of the 2015 movie The Little Prince (along with The Conceited Man). However unlike the conceited man he has no role in the book and is much more intelligent and evil. He is voiced by Paul Giamatti.

The Little Prince

Towards the end of the summer, the aviator is taken ill and is hospitalized. The girl, wanting to make amends with him, runs out into the night to find the prince. She flies the aviator's plane to an asteroid populated exclusively by adults who joylessly work for the star-hoarding businessman from the aviator's story. There she finds the prince, now an adult janitor named "Mr. Prince", who has forgotten his past and fears disappointing the businessman. The prince takes the girl to an academy where the teacher attempts to forcibly turn her into a submissive, workaholic adult using a very dangerous machine that is capable of killing a person if used incorrectly. The prince, suddenly recalling his past, rescues by releasing her and grabbing the teacher with the machine and forcing him to go into the instant-adulthood chamber. What happens to him after this is unknown. Though he was either killed in the chamber or fired.

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