The Big One

Full Name

The Big One


Raptor, Clever Girl


To kill anyone in her way and rule Isla Nublar (both failed)


Gets thrown into a large T. rex skeleton by Rexy, killing her.

Clever girl.
~ Robert Muldoon, moments before being killed by the Big One.

The Big One is the main antagonist of the 1993 film Jurassic Park. She is the leader of a Velociraptor pack featured in the film.

Role in the film

In the beginning of the film, eight Velociraptors were cloned in the InGen Compound on Isla Sorna through blood samples in mosquitoes trapped in amber. A few months after hatching the raptors were shipped to upcoming dinosaur theme park Jurassic Park. One of the raptors, the Big One, killed 5 of the 8 raptors to assume leadership while the other 2 were left as her subordinates. After that she was then transferred to a holding pen were she waited until the gatekeeper, Jophery, opened it and she lashed out and killed him. Jophery's demise raised a number of safety issues, as well as a twenty-million dollar lawsuit against InGen. In order to calm his investors, John Hammond invited Ian Malcolm, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Alan Grant to come down to the park for the weekend, hoping they would approve of the park's security measures.

Isla Nublar Incident

When the power was cut by Dennis Nedry during the Isla Nublar Incident in 1993, Nedry's computer confirmed that the raptor pen was still active.

Later, when the staff decided to reboot the power to the purge computer system of Nedry's virus, it inadvertently shut down the raptor fences. Unknown to the survivors, the three raptors (including the Big One) broke out of confinement. The Big One sent one of her subordinates to find and kill John Arnold when he went to the maintenance shed alone to reactivate the power grid.

When Arnold failed, Sattler and Muldoon tried to complete the task. With the aide of her subordinate, the Big One lured Robert Muldoon into an ambush, and when he least expected it, she jumped out and killed him. Muldoon's last words were "clever girl".

Hunting the Rest of the Humans

The Big One and her subordinate then made their way to the visitors' center, where they stalked Hammond's grandchildren Lex and Tim. The Big One opened the kitchen door, where the two children had taken refuge. The Big One was knocked out by Lex, who tricked her into running face first onto a metal cupboard door. The subordinate was locked in the kitchen freezer, the Big One quickly regained consciousness and followed Lex, Tim, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler to the control room.

The Big One attempted to enter the room, but Lex succeeds to activate the door locks, forcing the alpha-female to break through a window. Luckily, the survivors escaped through the air vents.

Meanwhile, the raptor that killed Arnold had managed to free itself after Sattler shut it in the maintenance room.

Final Stand and Death

The Big One continued to chase the survivors down the lobby. There, she and her remaining subordinate and the two cornered their prey. The subordinate was just about to attack when Rexy the Tyrannosaurus suddenly appeared and killed her. Enraged, the Big One pounced onto Rexy to avenge her subordinate and started clawing and biting at Rexy, but Rexy rolled her head and the Big One fell into the T-Rex's mouth where she was mauled and then thrown against a Tyrannosaurus skeleton model, killing her on impact (if the bite didn't kill her). Rexy then let out a triumphant roar, showing she is the true strongest dinosaur in the park.


  • Despite killing for sport, she is less evil than the Indominus rex because her hostility on protagonists was mostly out of believing them as threat for her and her pack's existence, but lack other motives that made her became a true villainous character.
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