The Businessman is a cruel, cold-hearted, greedy man who serves as the main antagonist of the 2015 movie The Little Prince, despite having little screen-time. He is based on the same character that appears in the novel, however this incarnation is much more evil. He is voiced by Albert Brooks.

The Little Prince

He is first seen in the flashback of the aviator where he is seen talking to the little prince about how he owns the stars and that he doesn't have time to have fun, reprising his original role in the book. However, instead of not appearing through the rest of the movie like in the book, he has a much bigger role. After the old aviator is taken ill and hospitalized, the girl protagonist wants to make amends with him by finding the little prince in order to reunite their friendship. She flies the aviator's plane to an asteroid populated exclusively by adults who joylessly work for the star-hoarding businessman from the aviator's story. There she finds the prince, now an adult janitor named "Mr. Prince", who has forgotten his past and fears disappointing the businessman. The prince takes the girl to an academy where the teacher attempts to forcibly turn her into a submissive, workaholic adult. The prince, suddenly recalling his past, rescues the girl and helps her recover her plane to escape. However they are captured by the businessman's henchmen (including The conceited man) where they show them that they are destroying stars in order to power the asteroid. However the prince and the girl manage to break loose and jump in the plane, but before they do the girl decides to put an end to the businessman's cruelty and destroys the glass containing the stars., which causes them to be free and fly away. This makes the businessman depressed as he shouts: ‘‘This is bad for business” and wipes the tears of his face. What happens to him after this is unknown, however it is possible that he himself got fired.

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