The Dark Rings were created by the Digimon Emperor, and are overly reminiscent of Devimon's Black Gears. The rings are capable of independent flight, and are outfitted with cameras, which transmit images back to the Emperor's throne room in his base. When a Dark Ring attaches itself to a Digimon, it takes control of their mind, placing them under the Emperor's complete control. The Emperor's shades are linked to the rings, and send orders directly from his mind to the minds of the Digimon, via the rings. Dark Rings are only powerful enough to control Digimon at the Champion level or below - the Emperor discovered this when he attempted to have Greymon become MetalGreymon while under the power of a Dark Ring. Greymon fought the power of the ring, and the Digivolving process, which corrupted and once again transformed him into SkullGreymon, who was unaffected by the ring. To capture Ultimate Digimon, the Emperor created the Dark Spirals.Dark Rings first appear in "Enter Flamedramon."

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