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The Grinch is the titular protagonist and antihero of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmlas!.


While all the Whos down in Who-ville celebrated Christmas, which was coming tomorrow, the Grinch loathed it. It is unknown why he hated it. It was guessed his shoes were too tight or his head wasn't screwed on just right, but the most liklely reason was that his heart was too sizes too small. But whatever the reason, the heart or the shoes, he stood outside his cave, hating the Whos. He said he hated how during Christmas they would make a lot of noise, and they would feast, and, worst of all, they would sing. Having put up with it for many years, he decided he would have to keep Christmas from coming.

He dressed up as Santa Claus and snuck into Whoville, stealing everything the Whos had. He was, however, spotted by a young girl named Cindy Lou Who, but the Grinch thought up a plan and said that there was a light on the tree that wouldn't light, so he was taking it away to fix it. The lie fooled her, and he continued to steal everything and left the town with everything and prepared to dump it off a cliff. However, he found out that the Whos didn't care he stole from them and they sang around the tree. Having a change of heart, the Grinch brought back all the presents and the Whos quickly forgave him, and the Grinch joined them and cut the roast beast.

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