The Hierophant is one of the secondary antagonists of the Adventure Time mini-series Stakes. He is voiced by Paul Williams.


Marceline fought The Hierophant centuries ago when she was on a mission to protect the remaining humans from vampires. When the vampires attacked the humans' ship, The Hierophant avoided the initial fight by disguising himself as Schwabl until Two Bread Tom noticed the dog was wearing boots. Marceline manages to defeat him and gain his shapeshifting powers.


The vampires are resurrected after Princess Bubblegum removes Marceline's vampire essence from her. After a short period, the Vampire King and his court manifest. The Hierophant advocates for a return to traditional vampire ways, suggesting that trying to adapt lead to their downfall originally. When the Vampire King admonishes him, The Hierophant parts ways with the group. He seeks out Marceline in hopes of joining forces to bring down the king.

He soon finds Princess King of Ooo and Crunchy and threatens them until they tell him that Marceline is staying at Bubblegum's cabin. Only Peppermint Butler is at the cabin when The Hierophant arrives, and the vampire is mocked by the butler for being "old-fashioned" when he can't enter the cabin without permission. But soon The Hierophant catches Marceline's scent and follows her and her companions into the woods.

The Hierophant finds and easily overpowers Marceline, Finn, Jake, Bubblegum, and Lumpy Space Princess. But soon Jake figures to shapeshift into a house to contain his friends, which once again the "old-fashioned" vampire can't enter without permission. He tries to negotiate a joining of forces with Marceline to defeat The Vampire King, but when he refuses to stop bloodsucking as a term of the truce he again attacks Marceline and poisons her. Just then, Crunchy stumbles into the scene and accidentally knocks The Hierophant into the Jake House. Uninvited, he dies, and the ill Marceline re-absorbs his shape shifting powers. Later she absorbs The Moon's rapid healing powers to cure the poison.

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