Full Name



The Hunter


Kill Benji for trying to steal the animals he hunted down


Fails to catch Benji after he loses a chicken

~ The Hunter shooing Benji away from the cougar he shot.

The Hunter is an antagonist in Disney's 1987 drama film Benji the Hunted.

He is played by Red Steagall.


The Hunter is first seen when he shoots down a cougar. Benji attempts to comfort the dying animal, but is chased away by the Hunter, who then retrieves the dead cat and marches off with her draped over his shoulders. Benji subsequently finds 4 orphaned cougar cubs belonging to the cougar that was shot, and he attempts to shield them from predation.

The Hunter last appears when he captures Benji trying to steal one of his chickens and ties him to a tree. Timber Wolf tries to kill Benji at first, but the Hunter doesn't notice him. Timber Wolf comes backl to the Hunter's cabin again and the Hunter shoots at him, but misses, which ends up with Timber Wolf running off into the forest. While the Hunter cleans up the mess, Benji finally steals one of his chickens to feed the Cougar cubs.


  • The Hunter was the only villain in Benji the Hunted to speak, and also the only human antagonist in the film.

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