The Joker
Joker render

Full Name



The Joker
Mr. J
Red Hood


Batman: Arkham series


An uprising criminal mastermind and the kingpin of Gotham City who is also the archenemy of Batman

Powers and Skills

High Intelligence
Master of Deception and Manipulation
Complete Lordship and Marksmanship


Terrorizing Gotham City and controlling the underworld of Gotham City
Antagonizing Batman and killing anyone as part of his own agenda


To spread chaos and anarchy through Gotham City


Dies after succumbing to his illness obtained through the Titan serum

Type of Villain

Murderous Contradictory
Nihilistic Archenemy
Complete Monster

The Joker is the main antagonist of the 2009 video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, its 2013 prequel Batman: Arkham Origins, the 2014 animated film Batman: Assault On Arkham and the one of the main antagonists of the 2011 video game Batman: Arkham City, and the posthumous and the two secondary antagonists along with Arkham Knight in Batman: Arkham Knight.. He is the overall primary antagonist of the Arkham series.

He was voiced by Mark Hammil in the three Rockstready games, with Troy Baker providing dialogue for Arkham Origins and Assault On Arkham.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman arrived at Arkham in the Batmobile, taking the Joker to the Intensive Care Facility. The Joker remained in high spirits, pleased that he was back in Arkham. He was strapped to a prisoner movement trolley and wheeled through Intensive Care by a variety of guards, including Frank Boles, with Batman following close by (Batman sensed that something was amiss, so he intended to follow the Joker in case Joker intended to do something within Arkham Asylum). The Joker commented on all the brand new security at Arkham and how it was rather funny that a fire at Blackgate sent over a hundred of his goons to Arkham, with Boles angrily remarking that he thought Joker was to keep quiet. During the escort, the Joker made shrewd remarks to many of the Arkham Staff including Warden Sharp, Officer Cash and Dr. Penelope Young before being taken down the elevator. During the elevator journey, a blackout occurred causing the Joker to laugh hysterically before having his neck clutched by Batman as the lights turned back on. As the Joker was moved into the lobby area, one of the guards remarked that he'll pay for killing three of his friends during his previous escape, to which Joker, in foreshadowing of what's to come, expresses disappointment that he only killed three, and promises to kill more, namely aim for a hundred deaths of personnel. Upon arrival to the lobby area, he was unstrapped and escorted by a guard and medical assistant while Batman and Gordon looked on. Unknown to all but Joker, Harley Quinn was already in the security control room, waiting. Joker soon took the opportunity to break free at Harley's signal.

Pretending to stumble and trip, the Joker bashed his guard in the face with the back of his head when the guard demanded him to get up. He then used his handcuffs to strangle the guard, forcing the doctor to unhook the Joker to save the guard. Joker strangled the guard to death before the doctor could save him, and when his cuffs were finally off, kicked the doctor down, breaking the doctor's ribcage and killing him as well. The Joker then coldly said to the dead guard "The choke's on you!", imitated a playful laugh, and pointed at the security door with a "Ta-da!". He looked up at the security camera and told Harley he was home. She then let him in by opening up the adjacent electrical doorway, allowing the Joker to access the cell controls. He ran behind the energy screen just as Batman managed to break through the viewing window and into the room. He taunted the Dark Knight for springing his trap and released his followers from Blackgate out of their cells, saying "Now let's get this party started!". As Batman battled the thugs, Joker said over the monitor system that he was originally going to kill everyone in the room and watch cartoons, but decided to take a captive audience instead. After Batman defeated a round of thugs, the Joker left the room and made his way to the patient transfer unit.

Batman told Gordon he would find them a way out, but Joker told Batman not to make promises he couldn't keep, as he was in control of the asylum and therefore where Batman was able to go. As Batman told Joker he wouldn't let him run, Joker cut off his "hero speak" and goaded him to just pursue him. Batman followed Joker's trail of smiles and arrows drawn by spray paint and dead bodies and found Joker. The Joker opened up a large patient transfer cell, releasing a monster. The monster attacked Batman before dying of biological causes, much to the Joker's annoyance, who murmured "Note to self: Need stronger test subjects!". As a result, the Joker allowed Batman one free shot at him, which would cause him to fall to his death and end the madness. Batman drew a Batarang, but hesitated and was unable to willingly kill his enemy, causing the Joker laugh at him and say that he was becoming "too predictable". He escaped via the patient transfer system and told Batman that he was organizing a "party" with the villains all over Arkham. Whilst Batman tried to get the transfer unit working again, the Joker appeared on a monitor showing Batman an image of a treacherous Frank Boles knocking out Gordon and taking him hostage, ready to kill him.

Batman attempted to track down Gordon anyway, by detecting the alcohol Boles left in the air. Along the way, Joker left traps with poison gas as well as many gag chattering teeth. The Joker soon caught onto the Batman's attempt and as a result had Boles killed, no longer needing him. The Joker took control of Arkham's intercom system, telling his goons to destroy the Batmobile as he took over the West side of Arkham Island.

His next target was the Medical Facility where he ordered his goons to round up all the doctors in the area, most importantly Penelope Young, who he needed the Titan formula from. To the Joker's annoyance, Batman defeated his goons and rescued the captive doctors. The Joker drew up a 'party list' which contained the individuals who would help take care of Batman. He enlisted the help of the Scarecrow, who proceeded to attack Batman in the Medical Facility. After escaping Scarecrow's Fear Toxin hallucination, Batman made his way to Gordon, who was conveniently placed near Bane's holding cell.

After Batman rescued Gordon from Harley, the Joker pumped a large amount of Titan into Bane, causing a fight with him and Batman. Joker was disappointed with Bane's inability to kill Batman, so he ordered his goons to assist him, though Batman defeated them all. The Joker's next order of business was to search Arkham Mansion for Dr. Young's formula, and Dr. Young herself, who had gone looking for said formula.

After finding Victor Zsasz in the Botanical Gardens, the Joker enlisted his help to deal with Dr. Young. Zsasz held Young by a knife in Warden Sharp's office and threatened to kill her if he saw Batman approaching. Joker told Zsasz to just kill her, as she was useless to him since he had already gotten both Venom and Titan. Batman incapacitated Zsasz and rescued the doctor, though an explosion set by Joker in the Warden's safe killed Young anyway. Harley then entered and had her thugs prepare Batman for the 'party'. He defeated them and followed Harley, rescuing Sharp by tracking his DNA. Harley was shown releasing Poison Ivy from her cell, despite Ivy not being on the 'party list', much to Joker's apparent pleasure. He then unleashed the more violent, insane inmates all over the island.

Batman went after Harley, who sent her thugs after Batman again, though he managed to defeat them all. Harley's failure prompted Joker to remove her from the 'party list', and Batman defeated and locked her up, using her DNA traces from around the island to track Joker to the gardens, where the villain unsuccessfully tried to slow Batman down after killing an Arkham guard.

He demonstrated the successful Titan strain he had managed to create by injecting two of his thugs and having them attack Batman before escaping. Batman defeated the monsters and pursued Joker, who revealed over the intercom that he had teamed up with Poison Ivy and injected her with Titan, causing her to become far more powerful and take control of the island surface with her evolved plants. Batman defeated Scarecrow and Killer Croc down in the sewers and successfully harvested the spores needed to make an antidote for the Titan injection in Croc's lair. Batman then went down further into the sewers and found that Joker was trying to pump Titan pollutants into Gotham, telling his men to stop Batman from preventing this in a threatening, serious manner. After Batman shut off the pumps, Joker sent a Titan monster as a token of his displeasure.

Batman defeated the monster and escaped the sewers. Driven by more power hunger, Ivy betrayed Joker and swore to go after him once Batman was killed. Joker assured her that he would be prepared for her with an army of Titan monsters, saying the she could "bring the wine" and he would "make the salad". Batman managed to defeat Ivy in the gardens. With all of the enemies on Joker's 'party list' defeated, Joker had his men set off several fire works directing Batman, the 'guest of honor', to the 'party' at the Visitor Center by the Cell Block. Rather than fight Batman, upon his arrival and confirmation of being on the 'guest list', the goons acted friendly, cheered him and allowed him safe passage (an achievement is available for attacking and defeating these goons).

Batman found a bomb planted by Joker in the visitor center and upon its explosion, discovered the Joker's lair, a throne room atop various plastic toys from which he had been broadcasting to the island. Joker was holding Scarface the puppet and taking out his frustration on him by having a fictional argument before throwing him away. He then berates Batman, "You had to spoil everything. Beating up Bane, feeding Scarecrow to Croc, slapping around Harley, my hobby by the way! And ruining all my precious venom plants." The villain then dispatched two Titan fueled security guards at Batman, who defeated them.

Joker then revealed that he had recaptured Gordon before he could escape back to Gotham. Firing a Titan-tipped dart at Gordon, Joker was overjoyed when Batman took the shot himself. However, he was angered when Batman resisted and fought off Joker's attempts to make him give in. Enraged that Batman would never allow him this final triumph, Joker shot himself with one of his Titan darts, claiming he had little more to live for. He quickly awoke and mutated into the most horrific Titan monster of all (possibly being his backup plan the whole time), while still retaining his intellectual faculties.

With his newfound power, Joker then directed the circling Gotham News helicopters and Jack Ryder to the rooftops of Arkham so that they could watch his final fight with Batman. Strapping Gordon to an electric chair above a makeshift fighting arena (making him the "special guest referee"), the mutated Joker goaded Batman to give into his injection, as it was the only way they could be on even fighting terms. "You know you want to." Batman refused and used the only antidote injection on himself, which the Joker found hysterical. "But you still ruined my night, and for that, I'll paint Gotham with your blood!" The two, with assistance from Joker's henchmen, then fought a brutal battle, with Batman knocking Joker into the electrical generator used to torture Gordon.

The Joker got up from the attack and said he could take anything Batman threw at him, and asked if the Dark Knight was ready for the next round. Spraying Explosive Gel onto his glove, Batman declared that he would never let Joker win and would always be prepared for his tactics. Enraged, Joker prepared to kill his relentless nemesis as Batman charged him. The gel on Batman's fist then detonated as he struck his opponent, finally incapacitating the most dangerous Titan subject of them all.

Following the Joker's defeat, the GCPD then retook control of Arkham Island, recapturing the escaped inmates and watching over the Titan-powered henchmen as they returned to normal. The Joker's transformation back to his "normal" self was quite painful compared to others, culminating with the severe injuries he received in his battle with Batman. He was taken to his cell by several police officers and surviving Arkham security personnel, his plans having ultimately failed. While locked up and recovering from Titan's effects, Joker was left humiliated, angry, and thirsty for revenge. While he planned his next move, the Joker began to notice his body was not healing well after being injected with Titan and began to fear that his defeat at Batman's hands may have cost him more than just being locked up again.

Batman: Arkham City

Six months following his and Batman's showdown on top of Arkham, the injuries the Joker received from the fight coupled with the Titan side effects are revealed to be indeed slowly killing him, giving him an estimated six more months to live and confining him to a wheel chair. Several surviving Arkham guards have vowed on the graves of those that the Joker has killed that he shall never take a life again after the night of hell he put them through. While imprisoned and prior to his illness forcing him into a wheelchair, Joker apparently escapes from his cell and wanders around the patient belongings room and starts becoming attached to the dummy Scarface, who he found in a locker along with Edwards's and Two Faces' suits.

Joker is eventually scheduled to be the first inmate of the recently completed Arkham City, but instead of being brought to the transfer buses to take him there, his escort guard has other plans in mind, plans of vengeance. Joker is brought to a medical lab so that the guards can exact their torturous revenge slowly in retaliation for the deaths of all their friends caused by Joker's plans in the Arkham riots. Unfortunately for them, the ever loyal Harley Quinn overheard their conspiracy, escaped confinement, knocked out a female guard, took her place, brutally murdered the rest of the guards, and finally rescued the Joker and brought him to her prepared escape boat.

Joker and Harley escape the island, leaving Scarface behind, and proceed to sneak into Arkham City after a deadly encounter with Batman, who destroyed their boat but failed to capture them. Being the first inmate in the city undetected, Joker plots to become the "Mayor" of Arkham City and establishes his main base of operations in Sionis Industries, one of Black Mask's former company properties. Over the next several months, Joker begins renovating the factory into his classical "Joker-ized" style, complete with a roller-coaster death trap meant as a sadistic recruiting test to weed out the inmates with the best reflexes (those that jump from the coaster before the death plunge).

With Harley at his side, Joker begins to brutally recruit inmates once again for his new army, both old and new associates alike, and soon becomes one of the leading powers of Arkham City, rivaling that of Penguin and his gang. Eventually, a new Arkham inmate, Batman arrives looking for a job and easily escapes the Joker's death traps and dispatches his goons. Joker, impressed, takes a liking to Lester and welcomes him into his gang, but also instructs his men to keep a close eye on him. Realizing that the Joker is a poor choice of employer Lester bails out on the gang and goes looking for a job with Penguin. Joker is unsurprisingly furious to the point that he puts a bounty on Lester's head unaware of the fact that he's actually the latest alias of his hated enemy Batman.

Joker and his gang soon become embroiled in violent turf wars for control over Arkham City with other fractions and gangs. Joker also uses Harley to lead some of his men into making frequent raids on other inmate's supply of drugs in order to aid in his condition. In addition to this, it seems that Joker has also been taking every precaution to try and prolong his fate, including abducting his doctor and forcing him to give him a diagnosis and isolate some of the Titan compound from his blood stream. The doctor, after informing Joker of his deteriorating condition and giving him the isolated Titan formula, is sent into the factory's old incinerator on Joker's roller-coaster. Upon realizing his days are numbered, Joker proceeds with a series of contingency plans, ensuring his legacy will remain intact in the wake of his death. He meticulously revolves them around his long-time nemesis Batman, the future of Gotham, and Arkham City itself after he learns the nature of protocol 10. He even begins keeping Harley more closer to him than usual, both as an operator for his commands and his personal carer (there were hints that he was also attempting to impregnate her).

Joker uses the isolated Titan to upgrade some of his gang again and sends them out to kill anyone he sees as an obstacle in his plans for control over Arkham City. Among them was Bane, who has been running a makeshift fighting ring in Arkham City, and is soon attacked by one of Joker's men, who is pumped up on Titan. Bane is defeated and nearly killed until Joker's thug's heart goes into cardiac arrest from the overuse of Titan and is mercy killed by Bane, who decides to eradicate the source of Titan once and for all, knowing just how dangerous it is.

While Joker continues to be embroiled in the turf wars for control of Arkham City, Mugsy, an old time associate of the Albert Wesker, brings Scarface back to Joker, who is delighted to get his buddy back. Joker starts spending more time with Scarface than anyone else making Harley jealous. Harley tosses Scarface into a boiler and consoles Joker saying she slipped but he tells her not to worry and brings out a new Scarface. While Joker hugs the dummy, it motions to Harley, so it can show that it's watching her, hinting that Joker may be intentionally using Scarface to mess with Harley's emotions and love for him seemingly just for his own amusement, as he has done so many times before in their abusive relationship history.

Joker makes his first appearance after attempting to kill Catwoman with a remote control sniper, before blowing up the Church tower the weapon was stashed in. Using the joker's radio frequency, Batman tracked him to the Sionis steel mill, once there Joker knocked out and kidnapped Batman. Joker reveals to Batman that he is stricken with a poison in his blood system, because of the Titan Formula, he also reveals that he had injected Batman with his poisoned blood and has donated numerous amounts to several hospitals through out Gotham. This revelation effectively motivates Batman to temporarily help the Joker track down the cure.

It is learned Mr. Freeze was working on the cure after Joker kidnapped and threatened his wife Nora, however he has since gone dark. Batman later tracks freeze down, who has been kidnapped by Penguin, after rescuing Freeze and attaining a blood sample from Ra's al Ghul a cure is created, however Harley Quinn steals it from Freeze's lab. Before Joker can get his hands on the cure Harley is intercepted by Talia al Ghul who relieves her of the cure. Batman eventually makes his way back to the steel mill where he witnesses a seemingly cured Joker addressing his men, preparing them to launch a full scale attack on the other mob bosses of Arkham city and breaking out of the super prison.

Batman finds and confronts the rejuvenated Joker where he fights and beats him and all of his men in single combat. Before Batman can subdue Joker, Hugo Strange launches protocol 10 which results in a missile being detonated on the mill, dropping debris on the Bat. As Joker moves in on Batman, Talia appears and offers him the power of her father's Lazarus pit in exchange for Batman's life, the Joker agrees but does not notice Talia activating a tracker on herself for Batman to follow.

Much later after Batman defeats Strange and Ra's Al Ghul, he track Joker and Talia to the Monarch Theatre, where Joker has taken Talia hostage. Once inside Joker begins to taunt Batman before Talia breaks free and uses her sword to impale and seemingly kill Joker. As Batman investigates the corpse he realizes it's not the true Joker, before the real Clown prince of crime appears and kills Talia. The still sick and dying joker, reveals he used Clayface to mimic him and stand in for him while he was sick from Titan, he then demands that Clayface hand over the cure from the now deceased Talia, a battle then ensues between Batman and Clayface.

While the two fight Joker detonates the floor of the Theatre sending them both plummeting to the boiler room below which contains the Lazarus pit. After Clayface is defeated Joker attempts to jump into the Lazarus pit to cure himself, however Batman knocks a large generator loose which falls into the pit and destroys it, plunging the room into darkness. Joker then taunts Batman, who has already drank his share of the cure, telling him that no matter what horrible act the Joker commits Batman will still refuse to let him die. When Batman hesitates and reflects on the choice to save the Joker, Joker surprise him and stabs him from behind, which results in the cure being dropped and destroyed. Joker desperately tries to slurp up what is left but it is to no avail, Batman then proceeds to share a final moment of irony with his nemesis, that despite all the suffering and destruction Joker has caused, he still would have saved him. Joker finding the situation humorous, has one final laugh before finally succumbing to the Titan poison. A broken and solemn Batman carries the Joker's body out into the Gotham streets and places it on the hood of a GCPD patrol car before leaving the scene speechless.

Batman: Arkham Origins

During a particularly snowy winter, near the holiday of Christmas, a man who no one has ever seen or heard of emerged in Gotham with plans of destruction and chaos for the city simply for the sake of it. A man known simply as The Joker, a villain driven by a lust to create social disorder and desired nothing but anarchy to feed his sadistic appetites and morbid, dark sense of humor. With a particular hatred for the Dark Knight himself, having blamed the hero for making him who he is today, and a hunger for revenge against him, the Joker begins to make his schemes to destroy Gotham and make Batman suffer in the process.

Seeking to establish himself as one of Gotham's most iconic figures and carve a name for himself in the Gotham criminal underworld, the Joker begins to target Roman Sionis, also known as Black Mask, the city's most powerful and sadistic crime lord. With Black Mask having unlimited resources, men, power, and complete control over the criminal underworld as he consolidates his power and eliminates his opposition, Joker sees his criminal empire as the perfect means to gain control of the city and form his own gang for his agenda of chaos. Joker starts his plans by stealing chemicals from Sionis' mill to manufacture explosives, enticing the crime lord to have the villain followed to learn what he is planning.

Joker is already one step ahead however, and begins to stalk Roman's girlfriend, Tiffany Ambrose, as he keeps tabs over her boyfriend's criminal activities. This understandably spooks Tiffany, who is then placed within a safe house at Lacey Towers by Roman, until he could track the Joker down and neutralize him. Unfortunately for Black Mask and his lover, the Joker uses his own connections to learn of Tiffany's whereabouts, breaks into the safe house, and waits for her to come home. When she does so after grocery shopping, Joker violently smashes her head into the counter and ties her up to the chandelier in the living room.

Black Mask soon begins to suspect that something is wrong and has one of his men disguised as himself enter the safe house as a diversion while he sneaks in the back to gain the upper hand on the Joker. When the decoy arrives through the front door, Joker is gleefully waiting in a chair and immediately shoots the man through the heart, instantly killing, knowing that he is not his true target. The real Black Mask then sneaks up behind Joker and attacks him, but the Joker proves to be an exceptionally competent fighter and overpowers and beats Black Mask, tying up his hands in the process.

To eliminate any evidence of him being at the safe house, Joker uses a cocktail incendiary device to set the room ablaze. As Tiffany struggles from the heat of the fire below her, Joker then cruelly and sadistically makes Roman hold his gun and shoot Tiffany through the heart, immediately killing her, as Joker drags the struggling Roman out with him. Joker holds Black Mask captive at a hidden location and tortures him over the course of several days, forcing him to reveal every detail about himself. Using these details to his advantage, Joker takes Roman's black mask and disguises himself as the crime lord, taking complete control of his gang, resources, and power. Joker then plots to first destroy all of Black Mask's power and standing in the city and take his place and institute his own brand of anarchy and social disorder.

Knowing that Batman is the only one who can stop his plans, as well as having a hunger for revenge against the hero, Joker places a $50 million bounty on the Dark Knight's head and hires eight of the world's most deadly assassins to take him down. The eight assassins were; Killer Croc, Copperhead, Firefly, Electrocutioner, Deadshot, Shiva, Bane, and Deathstroke. Joker then hands down the order to Black Mask's men to abduct Warden Joseph from Blackgate Prison and bring him to his hideout. When Joseph is brought to Joker, he tortures him with a lit cigarette, burning one of his eyes, and threatens to slaughter his entire family if he does not lower his security at the prison.

Warden Joseph reluctantly agrees and has the security for a portion of his prison become more lax in an effort to protect his family. As the assassins arrive in Gotham, the city's body count and crime rate skyrockets, as Joker stages an attack on Blackgate Penitentiary disguised as Black Mask, with several dozen of his men and Killer Croc, a cannibalistic killer with a rare condition that makes him appear more and more reptilian as the years pass by.

Murdering dozens of guards and leaving a path of destruction behind him, the Joker takes Loeb who was present at the prison to oversee the execution of Julian Day, also known as Calendar Man, hostage. Joker has Calendar Man released from the execution chamber and lets him loose, believing that his love for murder and torture on holidays is the perfect setup for Christmas Eve, leading to several deaths at Day's hands.

Joker then has Loeb forcibly placed within the chamber under the pretense that the commissioner is no longer serving his best interests with so many of his men imprisoned and wants to start off with 'a clean slate'. The reality of the situation is, however, that Joker seeks to take complete control of Black Mask's criminal activities and eliminate anything that could be used as a benefit for the fallen crime lord. Loeb's murder would also prompt chaos throughout the criminal underworld and institute a power vacuum throughout the police department; chaos that would feed the Joker's love for anarchy.

Loeb is then gassed in the chamber and dies in mere seconds as Joker continues through the prison with Black Mask's men and Killer Croc, killing all who stand in his way. Arriving on the roof to find a set of helicopters ready to make a quick escape, Joker leaves Killer Croc to deal with Batman, who arrived at the prison just minutes prior. While Killer Croc is aided by some of Black Mask's men, Batman is ultimately able to defeat them all and learns from Croc about the enlistment of the seven other assassins.

Batman subdues Croc and makes a quick getaway himself in his Batwing, leaving the cannibal killer for Gordon and his forces. Gotham begins to descend into further chaos as Joker continues to control Black Mask's operations, including drug trafficking, sending out hundreds of his men to murder, steal, and wipe out all opposition, and striking deals with corrupt Gotham police officers, particularly SWAT team leader Branden, promising them all the $50 million bounty if they succeed in subduing Batman.

Joker also hires the services of a man under the alias of Enigma, a master hacker who works as the head of the GCPD's Cyber Crime division, who uses his resources and access privileges to take complete control of all the radio towers throughout Gotham in order to block Batman's auto-navigation trackers used for his Batwing. Enigma further adds to the chaos by collecting incriminating information on countless political individuals in Gotham, placing them all within extortion files hidden around the city, and blackmailing the individuals for money and power. Regardless of their actions however, Enigma intends to release the data to the press, resulting in resignations and murders and utter chaos throughout the streets as he works on his plans to eliminate all the corrupt and the unintelligent.

To further aid in his mission and plans, Enigma, using the extensive funding coming from Joker, hires a wide variety of street thugs, muggers, and killers in collecting information and storing them in extortion files, hiding the files for eventual pickup, and guarding the radio towers. Riddler would also set up close to a hundred relays throughout Gotham to prevent his own network from being hacked and keep tabs over all of Gotham, while also rigging the security controls of the radio towers to blow if anyone tries to interfere, leading to the death of a GCP worker. These modifications were done with the help of a third party, a low level thug named John F. Baker, hired by Enigma, who later killed him to further cover up his tracks.

As Batman is hunted down from all fronts and continues to fight against the assassins, he learns of the Joker's existence when he investigates what police believe to be Black Mask and Tiffany Ambrose's murder at Lacey Towers. The hero concludes however that it was not Black Mask, but simply a decoy; he breaks into the Gotham City Police Department in order to gain access to the criminal database to learn more about the crime scene. At the same time, Joker sends scores of Black Mask's men to infiltrate the sewer systems and place hundreds of demolition explosives underneath the foundations of countless buildings, including the sewer's pump station, the city's fire station, train station, and the Gotham City Police Headquarters. While Batman is able to subdue Joker's men and gain access to the criminal database, he is ultimately unable to deactivate the bombs. After looking through the GCPD's files, Batman learns that Roman Sionis owns and has complete control over the Gotham Merchants Bank, which he uses as a front to launder much of ill-gotten gains. Batman soon realizes that Joker has taken Black Mask hostage after forcing him to kill Tiffany and intends to use him to gain access to the Merchants Bank, which has security measures that only Roman can deactivate.

True to Batman's detective work, the Joker explosively arrives at the bank in a stolen ambulance and murders over two dozen of the bank's employees, sadistically torturing and slaughtering many of them with the use of the bank's Christmas decorations. Revealing that most of Black Mask's men are now loyally working for him due to the benefits they reap as a result, Joker shoots Batman several times and throws the laughing banker at him. Detonating bombs that were rigged in the vault, Joker drives away with both the money and Roman in the stolen ambulance, laughing insanely. Batman grabs the banker and barely manages to lunge away from the massive explosion, but the banker unfortunately succumbs to Joker's toxin and dies with a smile on her face. Anticipating that Batman might still be alive, Joker sends in a handful of his men to check the bank, which leads to confirmation that Batman is indeed still alive.

Amazed that Batman could survive both his gunshot wounds and the explosion, Joker nevertheless remains in cheerful spirits as he embarks on the next phase of his plans. Batman subdues all of Joker's men, leaving one for interrogation, who informs the Dark Knight that Joker murdered over a quarter of Black Mask's men who would not turn and has taken complete control of all of Roman's operations at the Sionis Steel Mill, which contains a secret entrance to a massive drug manufacturing facility and torture chamber, where Black Mask receives shipments of drugs and firearms to be sold onto the streets.

Arriving at the mill, Batman learns that Joker has been using the mill to manufacture explosive chemicals and had his men take Sionis down to his old torture chamber to brutalize and murder him, as well as continue manufacturing and sending out shipments of chemicals and drugs. Batman is able to subdue Joker's crew and rescue Sionis, who has nothing but raw hatred for both Batman and Joker, intending to kill them both. Batman begins to brutally interrogate Roman for Joker's location until Copperhead arrives, intending to collect Joker's bounty, and poisons Batman, allowing Roman to escape at the same time. As Batman begins to hallucinate and sees his worst fears come to life, he scans the poison and sends an analysis of it to Alfred in order to manufacture a cure and drop it off to him.

As Batman arrives at ground level, he is forced to fight Copperhead until Alfred sends him the cure via the Batwing, which cures Batman and allows him to finally subdue Copperhead. Locking up the assassin in the back of one of Sionis' trucks, he learns that Joker has called a meeting with the remaining assassins. Tracking down the electronic signals from one of the assassins, the Electrocutioner, Batman learns that Joker has taken control of the Gotham Royal Hotel, murdered over a hundred of its employees, taken the guests hostage, and has begun to reconstruct the hotel into a hellish funhouse with stolen carnival items to torture and slaughter the guests.

Joker also continues to send out his men to commit crimes and wipe out the last pockets of oppositions, allowing them to keep all the ill-gotten gains, much to their delight, as long as they create chaos and destruction. As his men take complete control of Old Gotham, Joker converts the Royal Hotel's penthouse into his secondary base of operations and, still disguised as Black Mask, has Branden and his SWAT team form a perimeter around the hotel to look out for Batman and keep Captain Gordon and the media away. As Gordon is kept busy with the murder of a amusement park worker, most likely the same one Joker killed for the stolen items, Batman infiltrates the hotel after fighting past scores of Joker's men and Branden's SWAT team. Inside, Batman navigates through a river of mutilated corpses and makeshift carnival attractions.

At the same time, Joker reveals himself to all of the remaining assassins, including Bane, Firefly, Deadshot, Lady Shiva, and Electrocutioner. Disappointed and annoyed in particular at Electrocutioner's attitude and inability to kill Batman, he throws the assassin from the penthouse and to his death, instructing the rest of the assassins to go out and find Batman while Bane stays, knowing that Batman is coming for Joker. Batman is able to take Electrocutioner's gloves from his corpse and makes his way further up the hotel. As Batman continues through Joker's sadistic traps and Bane's mercenaries, he grows increasingly disturbed at the psychotic nature of the Joker as he sees more and more corpses, some of them being Joker's own men, attached to decorations and crude carnival games.

When Batman finally arrives at the penthouse, Bane brutally grabs him and throws him through the hallway, finally throwing him into Joker's quarters. As Bane attempts to kill the hero, Joker forces Bane to leave under the threat of blowing up both the hotel and themselves. As Bane reluctantly leaves, giving him one minute, Joker reveals that he has placed a series of explosives all throughout Gotham and detonates one, causing the entire top of a building directly in front of the hotel to explode.

Batman grabs the villain, infuriated, asking him how many people he just murdered. Joker gleefully reveals that the building was merely a construction site, a demonstration of the real carnage soon to descend onto Gotham. Batman slams his enemy into the adjacent table and flings him across it as several of the detonation devices falls on the floor next to Joker. Grabbing one of the devices, Joker reveals that the detonation device he is holding will not be as friendly, laughing sadistically.

Having been pushed to his limit, Batman grabs the device, break it, and smashes it into Joker's face. As Batman punches the villain, Joker simply laughs as Bane reappears and punches Batman off his new nemesis. Bane grabs Batman's face, intending to kill him to achieve his peace of mind through dominance of the hero and his city, and flings him through the window. Falling through a ceiling window, Batman prepares himself for a brutal battle with Bane as Joker gleefully watches.

While Batman is able to hold his own during the fight, Bane reveals his trump card; a storage tank attached to his body that pumps a deadly chemical known as Venom through his body, giving him enhanced strength and adrenaline. The brutal fight then continues on the snowy balcony overlooking the destroyed construction building with Joker commentating from above as Alfred calls the police in an effort to save his adoptive son. However, Batman is able to fight off Bane long enough for police helicopters to arrive on the scene. Unshaken by this, Joker takes out a machine gun and begins to fire wildly at the choppers, ordering his men to do the same.

The police retaliate and open fire on the Joker's crew, killing them all, while Bane is merely grazed. Realizing that the tides have turned, Bane decides to make an escape as his men in their own stolen choppers arrive and fire at the police choppers, causing them to both collide and explode upon impact, killing all passengers. As Bane jumps into one of his choppers, Batman throws a tracking device on him to locate him later. Joker is annoyed that Bane is attempting to escape rather than finish the job and begins firing on him as well. Bane responds with a bazooka missile which misses the Joker, who remains completely unshaken and continues smiling as the explosion from behind him flings him off the balcony.

As the Joker laughs insanely towards his impending death, Batman jumps to save the mass murdering psychopath, who begins to fight Batman as he tries to rescue him. Batman attempts to grapple them both to safety, but the amount of debris falling from the explosion causes the line to break, resulting in the pair falling through the glass ceiling of the hotel lobby. Violently crashing down onto the floor, Batman is surrounded by two of Joker's men as the villain composes himself and aims his gun at Batman.

Joker is shocked that Batman would actually risk his own life to save his, even after killing so many people in just one night. Instead of shooting Batman however, Joker simply shoots both of his henchmen dead, telling Batman that they were very bad men who performed such horrendous actions that they are unspeakable, just like his own actions. Laughing, Joker then aims the gun at himself until Batman knocks it away and punches the villain to the ground, cuffing him afterwards.

Branden and his SWAT team then arrive, still intent on collecting the bounty on Batman's head. The hero however calls his Batwing and escapes as Gordon and Bullock arrive, taking the Joker into custody. While locking the Joker in the back of his police vehicle, Bullock assumes Batman is working with the Joker, wondering why he would bother saving him from a deadly drop if he wasn't. Joker laughs at the notion and wonders the same exact thought himself, realizing that Batman is unlike anyone he has ever met before.

Having sympathy on the Joker, Harleen allows the villain tell her his view on the world and how the brutality of life made him who he is today. At the same time, Joker remembers his past as a failed stand-up comedian and a criminal known as the Red Hood, as well as his first encounter with Batman at the ACE chemicals factory, which led to Joker falling into a tank of experimental chemicals, revealing the reason for Joker's initial hatred of the hero. However, he now sees a new purpose in life with the emergence of the Dark Knight, who he has met through what he believes is fate, after he saves his life and proves to be much more complex and interesting than initially perceived. Seeing Batman as a monster like himself, created from a very bad day, Joker feels that Batman is finally someone he can rely on to play his sadistic games. Excited at the prospect of such a person bringing new meaning to his life, Joker makes Harleen believe that he is talking about her while he is, in reality, referring to Batman. Harleen is taken in by the Joker's false charms and is essentially seduced by the psychopath in a matter of mere minutes, gently touching his hand. Joker smiles as he has crafted the perfect pawn to manipulate from within his prison.

Batman, in the meantime, is still incredibly disturbed at the Joker's nature, believing him to be the worst kind of criminal and evil; random, relentless, and unpredictable, the same type of criminality that took the lives of his own parents. Batman uses his tracker to locate Bane's base of operations while Bane's mercenaries seize control over parts of Old Gotham and smuggle in shipments of drugs used in the construction of Venom courtesy of Bird, Bane's right hand man who has connections all over the criminal element in Gotham.

Taking out Bane's mercenaries as they attempt to take over areas of the criminal underworld, Batman enters Bane's hideout to find an experimental chamber. Batman learns that not only has Bane been selling Venom as a drug on the streets to find suitable followers, but he has also been experimenting with the compound to create an even more potent variation of Venom known as TN-1, which would eliminate the need of a storage tank. Having tested it out on numerous followers, many of which horrifically mutate and perish, Bane learns that one of the side effects is severe memory loss. Despite having made great progress with his research, allowing his followers to assimilate the drug into their body without harmful physical effects, Bane has yet to find a solution to overcome this severe memory loss.

Searching his base further, Batman finds a research facility dedicated to himself with various pictures and newspaper clippings of the hero along with a series of complex computers which reveal something horrifying to Batman; Bane has deduced that Bruce Wayne and Batman are one and the same. Horrified and infuriated, Batman destroys the computers and blows the base up, warning Alfred to remain hidden in the Batcave until he can get there.

Before he can however, the destruction occurring in the city reaches a peak again as the remaining assassins are still after the bounty promised to them by Joker with Deadshot destroying a police chopper and holding a civilian hostage in the Merchants Bank to lure Batman out in the open, Lady Shiva and her ninja forces murdering bent cops and criminal as part of their own grand designs, and Firefly destroying the Pioneers bridge and rigging it to blow with his forces. With Joker still destroying Gotham from inside prison with his bounty, Batman has no choice but to take out his remaining assassins before ensuring his home and Alfred's safety from Bane.

Batman is able to subdue Deadshot and his forces at the bank and rescue the hostage and defeat Lady Shiva, who is in Gotham as a part of a much larger scheme at the behest of her master, though she is able to ultimately escape and flee from Gotham; all that was left was Firefly and Bane. Arriving at the Pioneers Bridge, Batman witnesses Firefly set half the bridge on fire as he commands his forces to set the timer on the bombs, and detonate them if the police attempt the breech the area.

Batman uses his Batwing to distract Firefly and sneaks past the police blockade, attempting to reason with Gordon in the process. Gordon still blames Batman for all the criminal escalation throughout the brutal night however, forcing Batman to continue working alone. Batman is able to save hostages taken by Firefly's men and disarm three of the bombs while Gordon and his team disarm the last one. Subduing Branden and the last of his corrupt SWAT team, Batman arrives on top of the bridge just in time to see Firefly blowing up a police chopper and killing everyone within it.

Infuriated, Batman fights past the last of the pyromaniac's forces and faces off against the villain in a final showdown. While the battle destroys most of the bridge and the vehicles on it, Batman destroys Firefly's jetpack and subdues him after the villain realizes that his detonator does not work due to the bombs being disarmed. Leaving the assassin for the police, Gordon finally begins to trust Batman, who tells the police captain that he should listen to him more if they are to truly help Gotham. Gordon agrees and believes that he and Batman made a good team during the situation as Batman leaves.

Contacting Alfred while in route to the Batcave to ensure his safety, Batman is shocked to hear Bane, having infiltrated both Wayne Manor and the Batcave and leaving a path of destruction in his wake. Revealing that he has attacked Alfred and left him at death's door just long enough for a few final words, Bane voices his plans to have Batman become molded into a true rival in battle though his hatred, anger, and sadness over the loss of his most trusted ally; the perfect opponent he needs to defeat in order to finally achieve his desires.

Batman arrives at the destroyed Batcave and finds Alfred barely clinging to life, telling Bruce to not add his death to the burden he carries. Alfred then seemingly dies, leaving Bruce to believe that he is now truly and completely alone, until he realizes that he can use Electrocutioner's gloves to resuscitate him. Batman is able to succeed and saves Alfred's life, with the two finally understanding each other and how they must continue to rely on one another to survive. However, Batman loses hope of protecting his city when seeing just what his very presence has caused to happen in a single night, with his own home and last family member being targeted.

Alfred tells his adoptive son that Gotham always needed a hero like Batman and that the villains and criminals he faces now would've always been out there in some shape or form even it he wasn't in Gotham. Alfred goes on to state that even with all his brawn and gadgets, Bruce must realize that he is still just a man, vulnerable and mortal, and must rely on allies from time to time to protect Gotham City. Turning on the police radio, Batman and Alfred hear that Joker has escaped Blackgate (it is heavily implied that he escaped with the use of security codes given to him from Harleen) and is leading riots that have completely destroyed the prison and killed hundreds.

Batman realizes that Alfred spoke the truth and prepares himself to finally put an end to the Joker's night of destruction once and for all. Arriving to see the prison completely engulfed in flames and destruction, Batman fights through scores of escaped convicts and Bane and Joker's forces. Making his way to the center of the prison, Batman finds Joker holding the warden hostage with Bane at his side. Joker reveals that he understands Batman and his code of ethics and has made it his new mission in life to make the hero give up his one rule by forcing him to take a life.

Revealing that Bane holds a heart monitor that will charge up an electric chair, Joker sits in the chair and tells Batman that either he kills Bane to stop his heart from charging up the monitor and the chair or Joker will be electrified to death; either way, Batman will be responsible for someone's death. Bane puts on the monitor, telling Batman to use all his hatred and anger from the loss of his ally in battle, as Joker's men strap him to the chair. As Batman and Bane battle, Gordon arrives and shoot Joker's men who were holding Warden Joseph.

As Joseph and Gordon attempt to get Joker out of the chair, Joker elbows both men, knocking out Joseph and holding Gordon at gunpoint with his own gun, putting the headpiece of the electric chair on Gordon, raising the stakes even higher for Batman. Coming up with a plan to send Bane's heart in cardiac arrest, Batman uses his electric gloves to defeat Bane and stop his heart, making the Joker gleefully laugh. Joker then attempts to shoot Joseph dead when he awakes and stands up to the mass murderer, but Gordon jumps in front of him and takes the bullet instead. Joker continues to laugh and leaves the room to escape from the prison and continue his reign of terror in Gotham with his forces and the escaping convicts.

Batman reveals to Gordon, who was not severely injured due to his bulletproof vest, that Bane can still be revived and tells him and the Warden to arrest the Joker before he can escape. As they do so, Batman revives Bane, who is more infuriated than ever and resorts to drastic measures; using a sample of TN-1 on himself to become even more powerful. As Bane does so, he becomes a hulking mass of muscle with an uncontrollable urge to kill Batman. Batman sprays a string of explosive gel in a circle around Bane and detonates it, destroying the floor beneath them and into one of the prison corridors.

After one final, grueling battle, Batman is able to finally subdue Bane after strapping him to a pair of electrified pacification devices with his remote batclaw. Batman also realizes that Bane's memory has been left damaged by the extensive use of TN-1 one, securing his identity once again. However, Joker remains on the loose, having shot Warden Joseph and is nearly out of the prison. Batman and Gordon protect Joseph from Joker's gang, leaving Gordon to protect the warden as Batman faces off against the Joker in the prison's chapel.

Inside the chapel, Batman finds Joker laughing hysterically at all the events throughout the night (Also the first time Joker calls Batman "Bats"). Batman grabs the villain, who is thirsty for Batman to take yet another life, but, much to his displeasure, Batman reveals that Bane is still alive. Joker then holds his gun to Batman's head, telling the hero that both he and himself are the same, born from very bad days, and exist because of a broken society and law system. Batman refuses to believe in the Joker's words and kicks him across the room and into several pews.

Batman throws Joker into one of the windows, at which point Joker takes shards of the broken glass and attempts to slit Batman's throat. Batman knocks the pieces of glass off of him and punches Joker dozens of times before smashing him onto the ground. Batman begins to strangle Joker, who continues shouting to kill him, but resists the urge and knocks out the villain once and for all. Gordon arrives on the scene and expresses his respect for Batman for not killing the Joker before stating that he still has to take him in. However, as Gordon informs Bullock that the Joker is neutralized, Batman disappears.

As the police retake control of the prison, Gordon tells his daughter, Barbara, how she was right to think of Batman as a hero and believes that he could indeed be a symbol of hope for the people of Gotham. Joker is left being escorted back to his cell, laughing at Batman's deception. As Harleen smiles at him, Joker states his belief that his future battles with Batman will indeed be "fun".

During the end credits, it was revealed that due to the two riots and breakout attempts in one night, Quincy Sharp, states that he has plans to reopen Arkham Asylum, in order to hold the more violent and aggressive inmates. After a while, Sharp succeeds in re-opening the asylum. It's likely that the Joker was one of the first inmates to be placed in Arkham.

Arkham Knight

Despite his death, nine months later Joker returned. He was able to send his contaminated blood to numerous hospitals which was overlooked and infected five people (Henry Adams, Christina Bell, Albert King, Johnny Charisma and Batman) over time his personality manifested in these five people, and they began to resemble him in appearance and personality. Throughout the events of Arkham Knight Joker plans to take control over Batman's mind and plays extremely sadistic mind games, such as forcing him to relive his memories, the brutal torture of Jason Todd and the ambush at Barbara Gordon's house which results in her becoming paraplegic. Over time Batman become affected by this Joker-virus, which is shown in how he become more ruthless in pursuit of his goals such as threatening to crush a man's head with the Batmobile if he didn't tell her what he wanted and lying to Robin about Barbara being safe when she was actually 'killed' by Scarecrow then locking him in a cell so Tim doesn't end up like Jason. Eventually at the climax, Joker was able to take control over Batman after being revealed to Scarecrow's Fear Toxin however this was short-lived as another dose of the toxin revealed the Joker's worst fear; being forgotten after his death. Batman was able to free himself of this infection, finally overcoming his greatest enemy and leaving him forgotten by both Bruce and the people of Gotham.


  • He is voiced by Mark Hamill, who also potrayed Luke Skywalker, Fear Feaster and many others.
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