The Preeminent (also known as The Queen of the Cursed) is the true main antagonist of season 5 of Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. She is the living embodiment of the Cursed Realm, a dimension where the souls of the people who were evil in life go, or are banished to.


At an unknown point in time, possibly the same time Djinjago was created, the Preeminent was born as its sister realm. She would go on to function as a prison for the most wicked of souls.

Later on, Morro, while looking for the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, died in the Caves of Despair. As a result, he was sent to the Cursed Realm, where he proceeded to fall under the Preeminent's command.


Spellbound (Flashback)

During Arcturus and the Anacondrai Generals' trial, they were sentenced to be banished to the Cursed Realm. AfterGarmadon used the Book of Spells to open a portal to the Cursed Realm, the Preeminent proceeded to absorb them into her essence.

The Day of the Dragon

During Clouse and Garmadon's fight, the former opened a portal to the Cursed Realm in order to banish his opponent. Though the Preeminent attempted to suck in Garmadon, he ultimately threw Clouse inside instead, causing her to close the portal.

The Corridor of Elders

In an attempt to defeat Chen and the Anacondrai Cultists once and for all, the ninja open a portal to the Cursed Realm, where the Preeminent promptly absorbs Garmadon. However, as a result, she also frees Arcturus and the Anacondrai Generals, who curse Chen and his army. As a result, she absorbs the antagonists into her essence and closes the portal, but not before releasing her lieutenant, Morro, into Ninjago to put her plan in motion.

Stiix and Stones

When summoning Soul Archer, Morro gloats over her satisfaction over their progress.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

In an attempt to calm down Ghoultar, Morro reminds him that the Preeminent would prefer for her minions to remain patient.


In order to assert his command, Morro reminds Ghoultar, Soul Archer, and Bansha that in the Preeminent's absence he would be in control.

Kingdom Come

At some point, the Preeminent made an alliance with Fenwick, promising to spare him in return for the Sword of Sanctuary. Later on, she was seen in an illusion as Fenwick described her to the ninja.

Curse World - Part I

When Lloyd attempted to destroy the Realm Crystal, the Preeminent dragged him in and absorbed him into her essence, even as she prepared to enter Ninjago.

Curse World - Part II

Upon entering Ninjago, the Preeminent proceeded to unleash countless waves of ghosts to do her bidding, devouring souls in order to gain strength, and nearly absorbing Misako as well. Despite the ninjas' attempts, she easily shrugged off their attacks, flicking aside and destroying the Jay Walker One and absorbing the Deepstone Bike with ease. When the ninja attempted to drop her into the Endless Ocean, she commanded Morro and her ghosts to help her possess countless buildings in the City of Stiix, giving her a relative immunity to water and greater mobility. She then proceeded to test out this new tolerance before chasing after several citizens on a fleeing ferry in order to devour their souls. However, when Nya unlocked her True Potential, the latter knocked the Preeminent into Hallows Trench before she could gain a true immunity to water, ultimately killing her. Even as she flailed in pain, however, she attempted to drag Morro back in with her, ultimately succeeding.

Following the Preeminent's death, her sister realm, Djinjago, began to collapse as a result, consequently killing countless Djinn in the process. The main reason Nadakhan wants to revenge.

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