The Scarecrows
Scarecrow Goosebumps

Full Name

The Scarecrows




Frighten humans as their form of fun


Set aflame by Sticks

The Scarecrows are the main antagonists in The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight, a book in the Goosebumps series. They are a horde of scarecrows brought to life by an ancient spell.


The Scarecrows were brought to life when Stanley, the hired help on the Bertman family farm, read an ancient spell. The Bertman family pleaded with Stanley to undo the spell, which he agreed to, but on the condition that they adjust to things the way he likes it. The family agreed and Stanley recanted the spell to put the Scarecrows back to sleep. However, some of the Scarecrows remained awake and remained at the farm when Jodie and Mark arrived to visit.

During Jodie and Mark's stay, Stanley's son Sticks frightened them by pretending to dress as a scarecrow. However, soon enough, the real Scarecrows began to terrorize Jodie, who rationalized this as Sticks wanting to prank her. Eventually, after a Scarecrow surprised Jodie and Mark while they were riding their horses, the two decided to get back at Sticks by dressing Mark as a scarecrow to frighten him. However, one of the Scarecrows crept up on Jodie, but was ambushed by Sticks and pummeled. Sticks admitted that Stanley was responsible for the Scarecrows when Mark came out of hiding, dressed as a Scarecrow. Stanley, seeing this, mistook Mark for a real scarecrow and went off to get the book.

Soon enough, the Scarecrows began to advance onto the Bertman family, despite Stanley attempting to stop them. The Scarecrows briefly mistook Mark for their leader while he was dressed as a Scarecrow and began to imitate his actions. On Jodie's orders, Mark pulled off his Scarecrow mask, hoping the other Scarecrows will follow and die. The Scarecrows do pull their heads off, but continue onwards towards the family, as they realized Mark isn't their leader. However, Mark's distraction allows Sticks to gather a lit torch and burns the Scarecrows, destroying them for good.

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