The Scorpion is the main antagonist from the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. It is a tiny red scorpion living in the Szalinski's backyard. Though very tiny, it was huge when the Szalinski kids were shrunk to insect size.</p>


When the Szalinski kids, joined by the shrunken Thompson children, hid inside a LEGO brick for the night, they didn't know they were in the scorpion's territory. It didn't take long for the scorpion to notice them and approach. When it found out that prey was mere steps away, the predator attacked. The children quickly ran away but the scorpion blocked Ron Thompson, intending to make him a meal. It knew the others were getting away but didn't follow. They were far away and Ron was an easier meal. Ron snuck deep into the LEGO brick and the scorpion stuck a claw in and snapped at Ron, trying to catch him. At the same time, Antie, an ant that the kids had befriended earlier on, heard the commotion and returned onto the scene.

As the scorpion was about to grab Ron, Russ Thompson, Jr. returned with a flaming torch and threw it at the scorpion's tough armor. The arachnid turned around for a brief moment, but turned back to Ron when he got out of the brick. It approached the helpless kid, and was about to eat him when Antie approached the much larger anthropod and bit the scorpion's leg. This infuriated the scorpion, who turned its attention to the ant. It released its rage on the insect, trying to grab it and sting it, but Antie was too fast. The scorpion didn't care, he just wanted the insect dead.

The scorpion finally cornered Antie and in a blinding rage snapped wildly and finally grabbed hold of Antie. The scorpion raised its stinger over Antie. The ant gave one final yell when it was impaled by the stinger and thrown away. Meanwhile, the children had grabbed sticks and rocks and raced over to the scorpion. Seeing Antie stung was the last straw. Ron threw a stick and it impaled the scorpion, making it bellow in pain and anger. It was bombarded with rocks and another stick got stuck in its chest. The scorpion pulled the stick out of its eye and fled. What happened to the scorpion afterwards is unknown, but it is possible it died from the wounds it recieved.

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