The Styx are the main antagonists of the Tunnels series. The Styx are determined to rid the people of the surface world (Topsoil), so they can take over the planet. They rule the Colony, a subterranean city under London. They are an evil race, who for centuries have tried to take over through various means. They are ruthless and dedicated, spying, kidnapping and murdering anyone who tries to stop them. They also have agents Topsoil, from old grannies to important figures in the government.

In the Tunnels series

Tunnels (Book 1):

As Will Burrows and Chester learn about the possibility of an underground city in London, the Styx stalk them with their Colonist agents. When Will and Chester find the Colony, they are caught by an officer and locked in the Hold. A pair of Styx uses the Dark Light (a Styx interrogation and brainwashing device) on each boy, which is a horrible experience. When Will is released, he finds his real family underground (the Jeromes). His brother Cal shows him the ropes in the Colony, including attenting one of the Styx's religious services from the Book of Catastrophes.

Meanwhile, Will, aided by his Uncle Tam, plans an escape plan in which he rescues Chester from the Hold and escapes through the abandoned Eternal City. However, the Styx catch up to them after being notified when Cal tagged along with Will. Rebecca, Will's sister, appears and reveals she is a Styx planted in his family to watch him. Will manages to escape her and her Styx minions, although Chester is recaptured. Will and Cal escape through the Eternal City, although they nearly run into the Styx Division (a Styx border patrol). They stock up on supplies, and head back to the Eternal City. While there the Styx Division finds them, and Will sets off fireworks to distract the pursuing Styx. Uncle Tam appears, and is just about to show them the way back to a safe tunnel when Styx leader Crawfly appears. Tam and Crawfly duel, surrounded by other Styx. In the end, Tam kills Crawfly, but is wounded and near death. He heroically stays behind to hold off the Styx Division, leaving Will, Cal, and Tam's friend Imago a chance to escape. In the end of the book, Rebecca heads to the surface to poision and kill Imago for helping Will and Cal escape to the Deeps below the Colony.

Deeper (Book 2):

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