the tall man

The Tall Man is the main antagonist of the Phantasm series of horror films. In all of his appearances, the Tall Man has been portrayed by Angus Scrimm. The Tall Man appears as a tall elderly,mortician. Subsequent to his transformation from Jebediah Morningside,

A long time ago Jebadiah Morningside was a mortician after years of menial labour of putting the dead to rest to started to wonder about the connection between the living world and the land of the dead, this led him to build a machine that could travel through both time and space in search of the connection between these worlds. When he came back from his travels he was The Tall Man, a superhuman being who possesses superhuman strength and telekinesis, as well as an army of zombies and an array of metallic spheres that can be used at his beck and call, to kill who he wishes

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