The Wall Guards are the security to the maximum security prison The Wall and the secondary antagonists of Fleeing the Complex.

Fleeing the Complex

They all wear a hat with the symbol of the Wall. Most are equipped with a gun or a spear-like staff. Guards are an obstacle for Henry Stickmin as he is trying to escape The Wall.

Some are equipped and are in charge of various weapons. Some use vehicles such as tanks, jeeps, and humvees. Others are stationed at some places, such as defending the gate, a helipad, and various hallways.

Several are seen in the lunch room when you pick the ending The Betrayed or International Rescue Operative.

Most of them seem to be rather def, such as when Charles was communicating to Henry at the fire escape, the guard did not notice Charles's voice.

Depending on which path you play through, you either have to kill some of them or sneak past them.

Special Guard

An easter egg introduces a very special guard, our very own Freddy Fazbear from the FNAF franchise. Upon entering a dark room, he will do his signature power outage move and jumpscare you. Earning you a FAIL.

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