The Witch of the east is the sister of the main antagonist of the 1939 film musical The Wizard Of Oz and likewise responsible for the entire stories set-up. She rules over the Munchkins


Though not appearing in the flesh her feet make an appearance under Dorothy Gales house. They were dressed in black and white striped tights and her feet wore the famous ruby slippers. After the slippers are taken by Glinda the good witch her legs curl up and disappear under the house.


- In the 1985 film Return To Oz the main antagonist the Nome King has taken the slippers and used them to conquer Oz after they fell off Dorothy on her return to Kansas

- She was given the name of Evonora in the 2013 film Oz The Great And Powerful.

- In the film she is the Wicked Witch of the West's sister but in the book she is not.

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