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Gets hit by a stick that Arlo threw at him and crashes into the river

Thunderclap is a sadistic Nyctosaurus and the main antagonist in the Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur. He is voiced by Steve Zahn, who also voiced Monty from Stuart Little.

Role in the film

He, along with Coldfront and Downpour, heard Arlo's cries for help and flew down to see him. After making sure Arlo was okay, he orders Coldfront and Downpour to keep looking for those who have been injured. After talking with Arlo, Coldfront calls Thunderclap to come help him and Downpour save a trapped critter. Thunderclap then tells Arlo that they can use his help. Arlo then helps him and Thunderclap takes the critter out of the spot it was trapped in and thanks Arlo for freeing it. Then he eats the critter and thus revealing his true colors in the process. Then Thunderclap gets in a fight with Coldfront and Downpour. While yelling at them after the fight, Arlo tries to get Spot so they can flee. But Thundrclap blocks his path. Then Thunderclap and his minions notice Spot's smell on Arlo. Downpour angrily asks Arlo where Spot is. Arlo then tells her and Coldront that he's hiding behind something to their right. They go but Thunderclap who knew he was lying stays and stares at him angrily. Then he notices Arlo's eyes shift behind him. He turns around to see Spot and flies at Spot to eat him only to be stopped by Arlo. Then he and his minions start to chase Arlo for eat Spot. Then, he and his minions get defeated and scaring away by Nash and Ramsey, two T-Rex, who saving Arlo and Spot.

After a huge absence, he and his minions come to threaten Arlo and Spot once again. Then, Thunderclap swoops in and kidnaps Spot while his minions push Arlo off a cliff. But Arlo survives from the fall and comes to save Spot who was hiding in a broken tree, he pushes Windgust and Frostbite in the river. After noticing Arlo's relevation, he orders Downpour and Coldfront to take Arlo away while he tries to eat Spot. They try to carry Arlo away but Arlo causes a tree to fall them and into the river. As Thunderclap hungrily approaches Spot, Arlo roars at him with rage which scares him. Then Spot angrily tears a hole in one of his wings. Thunderclap attempts to fly away but is stopped by Arlo who throws a stick at him which makes him fall in the river to his death.


  • Although he is the main antagonist of the film, his role was small.
  • In reality, nyctosauruses were small, toothless, and had bigger crests.
  • He was voiced by Steve Zahn.
  • His gang consisted of Caulkicephalus, Guidraco, and Ludodactylus.
  • He is the only pterosaur whose real-life counterpart lived during the late Cretaceous time period since the counterparts of his gang lived during the early Cretaceous time period.
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