Tiffany Oiler (voiced by Vincenzo Rauso, later by Collin Dean) is a greedy kid-like criminal who serves as a reccuring villain-turned-supporting protagonist in Adventure time, serving as the main villain of My two favourite People, One last job (along with Garreth and The Flyng Lettuce brothers) and Dentist. In addtion, Tiffany is jealous of Finn due to his close friendship with Jake. He tends to speak in long, nonsensical "threatening" monologues belied by his youthful voice. With time he managed to regain his friendship with Jake and even a new one with Finn in the episode Preboot, where he sacrificed himself to save Finn and Jake from Dr. Gross.


Tiffany wears a pink shirt, blue shorts, blue socks, and brown shoes. He has a blond mullet. He also has a peach-fuzz mustache on his face. His skin is a pale aquamarine and he is short, with a size and build comparable to that of an elementary school child. He carries a hidden knife in his shirt.

Personality and traits

Tiffany is obsessed with being friends with Jake and they both share a common interest in playing the viola. It is later explained that they are old friends, and that Tiffany obsessively waits for Jake to contact him to hang out again. Because of this, Tiffany is loyal to Jake and is willing to follow his orders. This is seen in "My Two Favorite People" where he is called on by Jake to make Finn and Lady Rainicorn jealous. He fought with Finn fiercely, but ran away whining when Finn spat on him. He vowed to have Jake as his best friend.[1]

Tiffany deeply longs for Jake to ditch Finn and be his best friend again, so they can be master criminals together, as explained in "Dentist." In the episode, he and Finn are partnered by ants to take down some worms threatening the ant colony that provides dental services for people in Ooo (Tiffany has lost most of his teeth after eating the Baker's Shard he and Jake's old gang stole in "One Last Job."). He develops a grudging respect for Finn, but cannot bring himself to save him when Finn is in danger of falling into a worm's maw, though he does decide against stabbing the helpless Finn, as was his first plan.

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