Full Name

Hal Stewart


Tighten, Titan


Date Roxanne, and later destroy Metro City


De-powered by Megamind and imprisoned

You should stop comparing me to Metro Man!
~ Tighten

Hal Stewart, later known as Tighten, is the secondary-tritagonist turned hidden Sole antagonist of the DreamWorks 2010 movie Megamind. He is voiced by Jonah Hill.


Hal Stewart was a 28-year-old cameraman who was the assistant of Roxanne Ritchi, who he harbored a crush on. However, his awkward mannerisms and somewhat possessive nature failed to grab Roxanne's attention. This, coupled with his unhappy social life, led Hal to become embittered with his apparent insignificance.

After Megamind defeats Metro Man and takes over Metro City, he becomes bored due to having no hero to fight, and resolves to inject someone with Metro Man's DNA to create a new hero for him to fight. He is interrupted when Roxanne and Hal arrive at his lair to try and defeat him, and Megamind accidentally injects Hal with the DNA serum, giving him Metro Man's super powers. Resolving to train Hal to become a hero, Megamind and Minion use their technology to disguise themselves and convince Hal he's an alien and that he should rise up to fight Megamind. Hal agrees, but in truth only wants to be a hero to impress Roxanne. Megamind gives him the super-hero name "Titan", though Hal misspells it as "Tighten".

After receiving training from a disguised Megamind, Tighten arrives at Roxanne's apartment to try and woo her, but fails. Later on, he sees Roxanne dating Bernard, really a disguised Megamind, and gives up on being a hero. When Megamind prepares for his battle against Tighten and the latter doesn't show up, an irritated Megamind arrives at Tighten's apartment. There, Tighten reveals that he wishes to use his powers for evil and offers to join Megamind. Horrified, Megamind reveals that he tricked Tighten and that he was the man Roxanne was dating, causing an enraged Tighten to attack him. After a battle throughout the city, Tighten overpowers Megamind, but reveals that he intends to kill him in revenge for fooling him. However, Megamind escapes.

Utilizing his powers, Tighten goes on a rampage throughout Metro City, terrorizing its populace. Feeling remorse for causing Tighten's descent into evil, Megamind turns himself over to the authorities. Roxanne tries to reason with the enraged Tighten, but is instead abducted by him and held hostage on the top of Metro Tower. He then broadcasts a message to Megamind, demanding that he come out and face him. Determined to take responsibility for his actions, Megamind escapes from jail, aided by Minion.

As part of the plan, Minion disguises himself as Megamind and rescues Roxanne, but is impaled through the chest by the tower's antennae. Megamind then shows up, disguised as Metro Man, and chases Tighten out of the city. However, Tighten realizes Megamind's trickery and returns to the city to continue his battle against him. Tighten easily overpowers Megamind, who manages to find the defuser gun. However, Tighten throws Megamind into the air and then turns his attention on Roxanne. Before he can kill her, however, Megamind lands in front of him, and uses the defuser gun to remove Tighten's powers, reverting him back to Hal.

As punishment for his actions, Hal is thrown into Megamind's former jail cell. In the end, he is seen dancing in Megamind's jail cell.

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