Wolf- benji the hunted-0

Full Name

Timber Wolf


The Wolf


Kill Benji and the Cougar cubs


Falls off a cliff

Timber Wolf is the main antagonist of Disney's 1987 drama film Benji the Hunted.


When the hunter comes outside, the wolf runs away. As Benji paces the area as far as the rope will allow, the wolf comes back and Benji makes a commotion. The hunter comes outside to see about the noise, scaring the wolf away.

The next day, Benji sees the mountain lion and the wolf nearby. The wolf chases Benji, but the dog manages to elude him. However, the wolf appears again and chases Benji. They run a long distance over the mountain until Benji leads the wolf to the bear. The bear growls and scares the wolf away.

As Benji runs to get the cubs, he finds the wolf watching the cubs. Benji barks at the wolf, he then bites at him. The cubs hide under a rock where the wolf cannot reach them. Benji jumps on the wolf’s back, then runs away. As the wolf gives chase, Benji runs up the side of the mountain and leads him to the edge of the cliff. The wolf runs off the cliff, falling to his death.


Timber Wolf is a slender black wolf with blue-brown eyes with grayish-white fur on his upper-jaw and nose and on the lowers have of his legs and paws.

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