Lord Tirek
Tirek s final form by masemj-d7tpr43

Full Name



Lord Tirek


Absorb all magic in Equestria and rule over it


Stripped of his magic and imprisoned in Tartarus

Lord Tirek is the main antagonist of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic two-parter "Twilight's Kingdom". He is a powerful centaur and the older brother of Scorpan. He is a re-imagining of Tirek from the original My Little Pony cartoons.

He was voiced by Mark Acheson.



A thousand years in the past, Tirek and his brother Scorpan came to Equestria with the intention of stealing Equestrian magic. However, Scorpan grew to appreciate the ways of Equestria, befriending Starswirl the Bearded. When Tirek refused to abandon his former plans, Scorpan informed Princess Celestia and Luna of Tirek's intentions, and he was imprisoned in Tartarus.


After centuries of imprisonment, Tirek finally managed to escape Tartarus after Cerebus left his post. However, his time in Tartarus left him severely weakened, and he was forced into hiding for some time. After regaining soms of his strength, Tirek began absorbing unicorn magic to increase his power. When Celestia learned of Tirek's escape, she sent Discord to capture him. However, Tirek claimed that Discord's new friendship with the ponies was merely a new form of imprisonment, and offered him the chance to join him in exchange for freedom. Discord, swayed by Tirek's words, agreed.

With Discord's aid, Tirek succeeded in absorbing the magic of unicorn ponies, becoming larger and stronger, and soon moved on to absorbing the maguc of pegasi and Earth ponies. After becoming powerful enough to absorb alicorn magic, Tirek set off to Canterlot to challenge the princesses. In desperation, the Celestia, Luna and Cadance transferred their magic to Princess Twilight and sent her into hiding. When Tirek arrived at the castle and found them devoid of magic, he imprisoned them in Tartarus in revenge for his own imprisonment.

As proof of his loyalty, Tirek gives Discord a medallion, claiming it belonged to someone important to him. After learning of the existence of Princess Twilight, Tirek sets off to Ponyville to find her. Uponing arriving, Tirek and Discord capture Twilight's friends, planning to use them to bargain with Twilight. After draining their magic, Tirek turns on Discord and absorbs his magic as well. When Discord reminds him of the medallion given to him, Tirek reveals it belonged to his brother and considers it worthless. He then sets off in search of Twilight.

After locating Twilight, Tirek destroys her home and engages her in battle, resulting in a stalemate. Realizing they're evenly matched, Tirek offers to release Twilight's friends in exchange for all the alicorn magic in Equestria. Twilight agrees, and Tirek drains her magic, becocming more powerful than ever. However, Discord gives Twilight Scorpan's medallion as a sign of their friendship, which turns out to be the final key needed to open the Tree of Harmony chest. Unlocking the chest, the Mane 6 gain a new, more powerful magic which they use to strip Tirek of all his powers, reducing him to his weakened state and imprisoning him in Tartarus.

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