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{{Infobox |Box title = Tony Gordon

|image =
550x street tonygordon webisode november09 01

|Row 1 title = Full Name |Row 1 info = Anthony Gordon |Row 2 title = Nicknames |Row 2 info = Tony
Mr. Gordon |Row 3 title = Origin |Row 3 info = Coronation Street |Row 4 title = Occupation |Row 4 info = A crooked businessman who is the former co-owner of Underworld and ex-husband of Carla Connor |Row 5 title = Powers and Skills |Row 5 info = Master of Deception and Manipulation |Row 6 title = Hobby |Row 6 info = Scheming to make money and kill anyone whom he views as a threat to his agenda |Row 7 title = Goals |Row 7 info = To kill Carla Connor and those who exposed his crime in killing Liam Connor which he had failed to cover up
(Failed) |Row 8 title = Fate |Row 8 info = Gets sentenced to prison for murdering Liam Connor and later commits arson in the Underworld Factory before perishing in the process |Row 9 title = Type of Villain |Row 9 info = Soap Opera Villain
Murderous Mastermind
Business Villain
Seeker of Vengeance Tony Gordon is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the Coronation Street.



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