Harvey "Two-Face" Dent
Two Face

Full Name

Harvey Dent


The White Knight of Gotham
Harvey Two-Face


The Dark Knight


A former affiliate of Batman and James Gordon who is the supreme DA of Gotham City known as "The White Knight"
(As Harvey Dent)
A disfigured homicidal murderer
(As Two-Face)

Powers and Skills

High Intelligence
Master of Marksmanship and Combatant Skills


Spending time with Rachel Dawes
Bringing criminals to Justice
Flipping his coin to determine the fate of criminals
Making his own luck


To have The Joker arrested in order to protect Gotham City from his reign of chaos
(As Harvey Dent)
To exact revenge on Batman and Gordon amongst those responsible for the kidnapping and death of Rachel Dawes
To make the world fair by chance
(As Two-Face)


Gets tacked off the room by Batman off and instantly killed

Type of Villain

Hero turned to the Dark Side
Seeker of Vengeance
Tragic Anti-Villain

Harvey Dent, later called Two-Face, was the tritagonist turned secondary antagonist of the 2008 crime opera film The Dark Knight.



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