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To kill Speckles and everyone he loves


Gets killed by a Tylosaurus

Tyrannosaurus One-Eye is the main antagonist of the Korean movie Speckles: The Tarbosaurus. He is an old, scarred Tyrannosaurus and Speckles' arch-enemy.


One-Eye was a tyrannosaur that lived in the same valley as Speckles' family. One day, after killing an Ankylosaurus, One-Eye noticed Speckles' family nearby, and seeks to kill them. One-Eye causes a stampeded near the Tarbosaurus family's hunting grounds, driving Speckles' siblings off a cliff to their deaths. One-Eye engages Speckles' mother in a battle, ultimately killing the Tarbosaurus. One-Eye then takes over the Tarbosaurus' nest and drives Speckles out of his home.

As the years go on, One-Eye repeatedly torments Speckles as he grows up. One day, One-Eye chases a Tarbosaurus named Blue Eyes away from his kill, and Speckles and Blue Eyes form a companionship. At one point, the two fight One-Eye, but eventually flee. Several years later, One-Eye comes across the two again, who are now fully grown, and attempts to kill them. One-Eye faces off against Speckles, who manages to overpower him. Exhausted from the fight, One-Eye retreats, defeated.

Months later, after Blue Eyes dies, One-Eye has one final confrontation with Speckles, who is travelling with his two children. During a stampede, One-Eye takes the opportunity to kill one of Speckles' children. Speckles arrives and battles One-Eye, who knocks his remaining child, Speckles Jr., into the ocean below. One-Eye is pushed into the ocean by Speckles, but survives and attempts to kill Jr. Speckles dives into the ocean and continues his duel with One-Eye underwater. The battle finally ends when One-Eye is killed by a Tylosaurus and devoured, allowing Speckles to rescue Jr. 

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