The Vampire King is the former ruler of Vampires that serves as the main antagonist of the Adventure Time miniseries Stakes as well as one of the main antagonists of Season 7 as a whole.

Appearence Edit

The Vampire King has the appearance of a large, muscular man with animalistic features, including a face resembling a lion's, scaled, reptilian hands, birdlike feet and a forked tongue like a snake. He wears a white suit, a wine-red cape and a crown resembling the branches of a tree or bush.

Stakes Edit

The King and his Vampire Court were accidentally resurrected by PB when she tried to make Marceline normal (well, normal for her) but instead she releases all of her previous foes. They then start on their new mission to stop them before they make any chaos. During every episode they manage to track down one by one and kill them again until only the king is left. However he surrenders and asks them to take away his vampire essence. Which they do, leaving only a cow and a lion left as a result. However, Peppermint Butler accidentally drops and opens the bucket containing his essence. Which causes his spirit to reincarnate into a giant dark cloud who only wishes to do one thing- feed. However, many kingdoms aid the gang into stopping him, including the candy kingdom (who recently got rid of King of OOO) and give Marceline the chance to enter the cloud and suck him in. Causing him to be trapped in Marceline's heart, most likely forever.

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