Eat Naughty Bear


Gets killed by Naughty Bear

The Vampiricorn is one of the main villains of the Naughty Bear video game. He is one of the two villains of Episode 10, titled The Horrible Vampiricorn. He is the leader of the Vampire Bears.


The Vampiricorn was the legendary and feared ruler of the undead residing in the underworld of Perfection Island. He and his horde were summoned to Perfection Island via a ritual by Stardust. Shortly upon arriving, the Vampiricorn and his horde devoured a Unibear, increasing their power. As the Vampiricorn plotted to seize control over the island, he was confronted by Stardust, who requested that he and his horde hunt down Naughty Bear. The Vampiricorn agreed to Stardust's deal, and unleashed several bats to search for Naughty.

During the hunt for Naughty Bear, the island became inhabited by the undead. Naughty Bear, realizing he had to stop the Vampiricorn and punish Stardust, set out to kill them both. He managed to kill the Vampiricorn several times, but he was revived in a different location. Eventually, Naughty managed to kill both him and Stardust. However, rather than dying, Stardust was brought back as a ghoul, with the Vampiricorn returning as well. In spite of this, Naughty Bear ultimately managed to defeat both of them and stop the undead horde.

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