Vastatosaurus Rex

The Vastatosaurus Rexes are the main antagonists in the 2005 remake of King Kong, despite having only one scene.

The book, The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island implies Vastatosaurus Rex is what a Tyrannosaurus Rex would have became if the species were allowed to evolve unabaited for another 65 million years on Skull Island.

V.rexes have developed many unique features over the 65 million years since the age of dinosaurs, but they still bear several recognizable similarities to their Cretaceous cousins. Vastatosaurus have large heads, filled with large teeth that are constantly being regrown to replace those lost in conflict. Some V. rexes even have overlapping teeth like one would find in modern day sharks. Their heads are shorter and more compact than that of their ancestors, intensely reinforced with thick bone. As the primary weapon of the animal, an individual Vastatosaur head is often distinctive, being covered with scars and calluses. Abnormal bone growths form old battles with prey, other predators, rivals, or even mates were not uncommon. Narrow, short rib cages and a large gap between the ribs and hips allow V.rexes surprising flexibility for animals of their size, a necessary adaptation to survive amongst the towering trees and broken terrain of Skull Island.

Like early tyrannosaurus, their forelimbs are small in comparison with the rest of their body. One distinctive feature that distinguishes them from Tyrannosaurus is the additional digit on their forelimbs. Althought Tyrannosaurus were set apart from the rest of the theropod dinosaurs (Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Eustreptospondylus etc) by having only two fingers, V.rexes have three of them. This has led to debate whetever V. Rex was indeed reletead to the Tyrannosaurus at all, but gene tests have confirmed it as T. Rex's cousin. The extra digit, though small, acted like a thumb and was useful when dragging a dead animal; the tiny arms helped to pin swinging meat against the carcass.

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