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Vidia is the main antagonist of the first Tinker Bell film and later one of the main protagonists of the sequels. She is Tinker Bell's former rival and a fast-flying fairy. She is voiced by Pamela Adlon.


Vidia mainly acts sly and narcissistic, believing that all fairies depend on her and her talents. She is very vindictive, and tries to get revenge on Tinker Bell if she causes misfortune to her, even if it is by accident. She hates Tinker Bell just for being a tinker, but also because the other fairies pay a lot of attention to her and try to help her. Vidia is very manipulative, tricking Tinker Bell into embarassing herself. As the apparent fasting fairy in Pixie Hollow, Vidia believes she is better than other fairies. Like Tinker Bell, she is strong-willed, out-spoken, and arrogant at times.

Vidia has shown a better side to her occasionally, implied in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure when she is hinted to be proud of Tinker Bell, but she mainly acts kind in the following film, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. She is part of the fairies that set out to rescue Tinker Bell when she is captured by a human girl named Lizzy, although she doesn't tell anyone that she was responsible for Tinker Bell getting caught, but she later tells the truth. Vidia also rescues Tinker Bell from getting trapped in a glass jar by Lizzy's father, but gets captured instead, so Tinker Bell and the other fairies, helped by Lizzy, save her. After this happens, Vidia befriends Tinker Bell.


Tinker Bell


Vidia in Tinker Bell

When a baby laughed, Tinker Bell was born, and Vidia was the one who brought her to Pixie Hollow. Vidia then watches Tinker Bell choose a talent, and smirks when she chooses the wrong one. Tinker Bell becomes a tinker fairy, and Vidia becomes jealous when the other fairies consider Tinker Bell's talent a great one. When Tinker Bell is older, she tries to befriend Vidia after she sees her pollinate flowers, but disrupts her in the process. Vidia  dislikes Tinker Bell because she is a tinker and says that spring doesn't rely on her. Vidia finds out that Tinker Bell believes she is going to the mainland, not knowing only nature-talent fairies go there. Vidia tricks Tinker Bell into going to the mainland, and builds inventions, only to learn that she is not allowed to go to the mainland. Tinker Bell then tries to change her talents, but accidentally attracts a hawk. Vidia and Tinke

Vidia encounters Tinker Bell

r Bell hide in the same tree and Vidia is knocked out of the hiding spot and the hawk tries to eat her. Before it can, the othere fairies bomboard it with fruits, driving it off. However, Vidia is hit by a fruit and blames Tinker Bell for what happened. Vidia later gets revenge of Tinker Bell by tricking her into catching thistles. When Vidia witnesses Tinker Bell catch the thistles, she lets them loose, and the prparations for spring are destroyed. Tinker Bell, however, helps to try and restore the preparations. Vidia then reminds the other fairies that Tinker Bell caused the disaster and gets into an arguement with the tinker, and unintentionally reveals that she was the one of told Tinker Bell to get the thistles. The Queen, Clarion, punishes Vidia by forcing her to capture the thistles.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Vidia makes a few cameos in the second film, never speaking. She makes her first appearance in the opening scene when she and several other fast-flying fairies fly through a patch of leaves that Iridessa had reflected a rainbow on and also knocking Iridessa out of the sky. She makes her last appearance when Tinker Bell showers the room with an extremely large amount of pixie dust, and Vidia is present, secretly proud of the tinker.

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