"We're like celebrities to all these people, kinda like the role models an' all!"— "Battle in Kami's Lookout"Vinegar (ビネガー) is a large, brawny member of the Spice Boys. He is large, and purple with dark brown hair. He is short tempered and arrogant when it comes to fighting. Like Garlic Jr., his power increases when the Makyo Star passes by Earth.Contents [show] BiographySpicyTelekinesisVinegar and the other Spice Boys stop GohanJeangabin666Added by Jeangabin666Vinegar is first seen when Garlic Jr. comes back from the Dead Zone. Later, with the Spice Boys, he attacks Kami's Lookout, capturing Mr. Popo, and later Kami in bottles. After the death of Salt and Mustard, Vinegar attacks Krillin, beating him up and kicking him over the edge of the Lookout. Vinegar is then killed by an enraged Gohan who fires two simultaneous Masenkos at him and Spice, destroying them both.Power levelVinegar's power level is 800,000 in Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game.Techniques and special abilitiesRedBoundVinegar and Mustard using their special energy web techniqueJeangabin666Added by Jeangabin666Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki. Used during the battles on Kami's Lookout.Vinegar Cannon – A Full Power Energy Ball used as part of a combined attack with Spice during the battles on Kami's Lookout. Named in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.Energy Web – A red energy web used in combination with the other Spice Boys to trap opponents. Very similar to the Psycho Thread used by Bojack's henchmen.TransformationSuper VinegarVinegar transformedNikon23Added by Nikon23Vinegar takes a powered up form after being energized by the Makyo Star. His muscle mass and strength increase greatly, and his entire body also grows in size and height.Video game appearancesHe is playable Dragon Ball Heroes, like the other Spice Boys.Voice actorsJapanese Dub: Daisuke GōriEnglish Ocean Group Dub: Dave WardEnglish FUNimation Dub: John FreemanLatin American Dub: José Luis CastañedaBrazilian Dub: Aníbal MunhozTriviaVinegar is the first character to catch a Destructo Disk thrown at him, which was impossible for any character in the manga. Gohan would do this later, though unlike Vinegar, his hand makes no physical contact with it. This was also filler.

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