Vlad Dracula
Vlad Dracula

Full Name

Vladimir Dracula




Get Dennis' vampire fangs out, to protect his family from Bela


Reconciles with his family and celebrates Dennis' birthday party

Vlad Dracula is the anti-hero and the false main antagonist in Hotel Transylvania 2. He is the father of Dracula, grandfather of Mavis, and great-grandfather of Dennis.

He is voiced by Mel Brooks.



Little is known about Vlad's past, other than that he was the father of Dracula. The two had a strained relationship while Dracula grew up, and when his son reached adulthood, Dracula left him, got married, and had a daughter, Mavis. The two remained estranged for centuries, during which Vlad took up residence in a cave, his main source of company being a clan of giant vampire bats, led by Bela.

Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

While celebrating Dennis' fifth birthday, Mavis decides to invite Vlad to their dinner party, feeling that her son should finally meet his great-grandfather. Vlad is ecstatic that a new vampire has joined the family, unaware that Dennis is only half-vampire and that Mavis' husband is Johnny, a human. Accompanied by Bela, Vlad arrives at Hotel Transylvania to finally meet his great-grandson.

Dracula attempts to stall his father from meeting Dennis out of fear that he will discover that Dennis is only half-vampire. However, upon meeting Dennis and noticing that he has no fangs, Vlad concludes that he is merely a "late-fanger" and resolves to force Dennis' fangs to appear. He explains that to get a young vampire's fangs to appear, you have to possess something they find innocent and use it to scare their fangs out. He then plans with Dracula to scare Dennis' fangs out by possessing Kakie the Cake Monster during the birthday party.

During the performance, Vlad possesses Kakie and transforms him into a monster to try and terrify Dennis. However, Dracula has a change of heart and frees Kakie from Vlad's control, revealing to Mavis that the two had tried to force Dennis to be a monster. In the ensuing argument, Vlad discovers that Johnny and his family are human, and becomes enraged with Dracula for not only letting humans into the hotel, but also allowing his daughter to marry one. As Vlad argues with Dracula and Mavis, a dejected Dennis leaves the hotel, unknowingly pursued by Bela.

Vlad eventually becomes remorseful for his actions towards his family, and the hotel realizes that Dennis is missing. As the hotel searches the forest for Dennis, Vlad transforms into a bat and follows them. He later observes Dennis turn into a vampire and help the hotel fight off Bela and his cronies. In the final moments of the fight, Bela attempts to kill Johnny, but Vlad has a change of heart and transforms Bela into a miniature version of himself, warning him never to come near him or his family ever again.

Vlad apologizes to his family for his intolerant actions towards them. Accepting humans and reconciling with his family, Vlad joins the rest of the group in the hotel to resume Dennis' birthday celebration.

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