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Vypra Is An Evil Princess Witch and antagonist in power rangers lightspeed Rescue as well as Power Rangers Time Force team up episode time for lightspeed

Goals Kill The Lightspeed Rangers Destroy Marriner Bay (Failed) Help Ransik Kill The Rangers Failed (Power Rangers Time Force Only) This villainous vixen played the role of mother figure to young Impus with Queen Bansheera missing. The second of the demons released from the tomb. Vypra battles the Rangers in her high speed dune buggy, the Vyprari. Vypra was killed by Queen Bansheera, who absorbed her energy to gain a bodily form.

She was later mysteriously resurrected, and plotted to rise a super-demon which would kill the Time Force Rangers. Her mission took her to Silver Hills, where she faced the Time Force Rangers, as well as the reunited Lightspeed Rescue Rangers after She asked Ransik for help. , who joined forces to destroy her. Wesley Collins The Red Time Force Ranger Battled Vypra. She Was Destroyed By Wesley Collins The Red Time Force Ranger, Eric Meyers The Quantum Ranger Carter Joel and Chad in Power Rangers Time Force.

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