Will Blake
Will Blake

Full Name

Will Blake


Werewolf of Fever Swamp


Prey on those living in Fever Swamp


Scared out of fever swamp by Wolf

Will Blake, also known as the Werewolf of Fever Swamp, is the titular villain of the Goosebumps book of the same name. He is a werewolf who lives in fever swamp, preying on those living in the area.


Werewolf of Fever Swamp

Book Version

At some point, Will Blake was cursed into the form of a werewolf, likely from a werewolf bite. He terrorized fever swamp until the Tucker family moved in. Will soon befriended Grady Tucker, the youngest of the family. Likely in an effort to avoid suspicion, Will blew off concerns over the werewolf phenomenon. However, due to werewolf sightings, suspects were believed to be the local hermit and Grady's new dog Wolf. After Will transformed into a werewolf and killed one of Tucker's deers, Grady's father accused Wolf of being responsible and scheduled for him to be taken to the pound. However, Grady ordered Wolf to flee from the hut before his father could take him away.

On the night of a full moon, Grady entered the forest to look for Wolf and encountered Will. As the two ventured through the swamp, Will transformed into a werewolf, unseen by Grady. Will then ambushed Grady and revealed himself to be the werewolf. Despite Grady's pleas, Will bit him. However, before Will could finish Grady off, Wolf arrived and attacked Will, overpowering him and forcing Will to retreat. Afterwards, Will was never seen again. However, Will had passed on the curse onto Grady due to having bit him, cursing him to transform into a werewolf on a full moon. Grady, however, enjoys this and declares the swamp to belong to him now that Will is gone.

Television Version

In the TV episode, he believes in werewolves and accuses the swamp hermit of being one. It is also stated that he killed the Swamp Hermit's wife and children (which was never stated nor implied in the book). Grady ran into the Swamp Hermit when his net caught what was the werewolf when he actually caught a deer. The Swamp Hermit is then attacked and killed by the werewolf. When the full moon is obscured by the Earth's shadow during the lunar eclipse, Will partially reverts back to human form. Having become friends with Grady, Will warns him to leave before he becomes uncontrollable again. But the moon becomes visible again and Will begins compulsively howling as he turns back into a savage beast. As Will attacks Grady, Wolf showed up to defend Grady. Wolf knocked Will into the bog of Fever Swamp and he sank to the bottom and apparently drowns. What appeared to be his skeleton rises from the swamp some nights later.

Goosebumps film

In the Goosebumps film he is the tertiary antagonist. Will Blake's werewolf form appears in a abandoned Supermarket rummaging through the meat aisle until Champ accidentally alerts him of the groups presence. He pursues them throughout the Supermarket into a parking lot, only to be rammed by Lorraine's car sent flying into a dumpster. He reappears outside Madison High School with the other monsters as Slappy leads them into attacking Madison High School to dispose of R.L. Stine. He was about to attack Taylor, but is saved when Champ bites him with his "silver teeth filings". The werewolf appears again with the other monsters pursuing a bus Stine and and the kids are using to escape only for it to be revealed to be a decoy rigged to explode when the werewolf and the Abominable Snowman open it's doors. He is sucked back into a book that R.L. Stine and Zach wrote in the final battle.

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