Full Name



Empress Yzma


Kill Kuzco and become empress


Becomes Kronk's secretary

Yzma is the main antagonist in Disney's The Emperor's New Groove. After fired from her job of being the advisor to Emperor Kuzco, she spends her time thinking up plans of becoming Empress. She has a secret lab, which, ironically, everyone knows about. She has a dumb but kind-hearted henchman named Kronk who usually accidently foils her plans. Yzma is extremely old and hideous, but was very beautiful when she was younger.


The Emperor's New Groove

She was Emperor Kuzco's adviser until he fired her for doing his job when he wasn't around. In revenge, Yzma and her hechman Kronk came to her secret lab via roller-coster, where she plotted how she would kill Kuzco. Her first plan was turning him into a flea, put it in a box, put that pox in a bigger box, and then mail that box to herself, and when it came, she would smash it with a hammer. She then decided, to save on postae, she would simply poison Kuzco. Kuzco invited her for dinner, and Kronk placed a poisonous cup in his drink. However, his spinache puffs were burning so he ran to get them, and he forgot which cup was poisoned so he decided to poison all of them, so he and Yzma threw theirs away. Kuzco drank his drink and appeared to die, only to wake up again and turn into a llama, and he was knocked out by Kronk. She then found out that the poison was really a potion that turned Kuzco into a llama. She ordered Kronk to take Kuzco out of the city and kill him. But Kronk was unable to do the job and Kuzco ended up with Pacha, a villager.

Thinking Kuco dead, Yzma became Empress. However, she became suspicious of Kronk and asked if Kuzco was really dead, and was furious when she found out he wans't. She and Kronk made it their duty to kill Kuzco, and wandered across the forest to find him. They faced many obstacles until a squirrel named Bucky, who had a ruff encounter with Kuzco, revealed where he was. They came to a restaurant that Kuzco and Pacha were at, but they were disguised so Yzma didn't know she was looking at Kuzco. Pacha realized they wanted Kuzco dead and told the staff it was Yzma's birthday, so they celebrated while Pacha and Kuzco left. However, Kuzco didn't know Yzma turned him into a llama and thought she wanted to help, and left Pacha, only to overhear Yzma's plan to kill him.

Kronk managed to figure out Pacha was the man who took Kuzco, and told Yzma. Yzma immediately camw to Pacha's house and asked Pacha's wife if about him, claiming to be related to him. She then searched the house. During this time, Pacha revealed the Chicha Yzma's intentions, so she and the children distracted Yzma while Kuzco and Pacha ran. Yzma saw them and she and Kronk chased after them. Kuzco and Pacha made it over a chasm, but Yzma and Kronk were struck by lightning and fell in. However, they still managexd to make it to the lab, where Kuzco and Pacha were trying to get the potion so Kuzco would become human again. Yzma had the potion and ordered Kronk to kill the too. But Kronk had a change of heart when Yzma insulted his spinache puffs and tried to drop a chandelier on her, but she was so thin that it fell through her. She then pulled a lever and a trap door openend under Kronk, which he fell in. A fight between Yzma, Kuzco and Pacha ensued, and this ended with Yzma calling the guards to kill them, but they were turned into animals. A long chased ensued, and the guards were desposed of, and Yzma and Kuzco jumped at the last two potions. Yzma was turned into a cat by one potion, and the last potion fell from the kingdom, and Yzma jumped after it. She bounced on a trampeline and bounced back up and was able to get the potion. As she gloated about her victory, Kronk crushed her by openning a door. Now stuck as a cat, she would visit Kronk, who is now leader of a group of boy-scouts.


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