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Full Name

Zhylaw the Last


Lord Marshal


The Chronicles of Riddick


An uprising yet sixth Lord Marshal who is the commander of the Necromonger Empire

Powers and Skills

High Intelligence
Master of Manipulation and Combatant
Enhanced Superhuman Abilities


Exterminating Furyans
Commanding the Necromongers
Coercing any planet and it's populace into converting their faith within the Necromongers


To kill Riddick and destroy Furya all together in order to maintain his position as the Lord Marshal
(All Failed)


Stabbed in the head by Riddick

Type of Villain

Complete Monster
Destroyer of Innocence
Fanatical Tyrant
Genocidal Mastermind

Zhylaw, also known as Lord Marshal, is the primary antagonist of the 2004 sci-fi action-adventure movie The Chronicles of Riddick.

He was the commander of the Necromonger Empire during his position as the sixth Lord Marshal, with Siberian Vaako acting his right-hand subordinate, and is also the prominent archenemy of Riddick (the film's protagonist) as he was the one responsible for devastating the latter's home planet called Furya.





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