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To kill the player at any costs


Depends on the player: gets killed, or something else

The Zombies are the primary antagonists in the 2009 Mojang sand block game, Minecraft. Although the Creeper is the titular antagonist and more dangerous, the zombie is the primary antagonist because the creepers are the zombies' spies. They are melee hostile mobs that appear in light levels 7 or less, and are found in nearly all biomes, but only at night.


The Zombies are considered the least dangerous hostile mobs in the game because they are slow and can only use close-range melee attacks, but they are the masterminds of the big plot to kill any player. They can even team up with each other to make it harder to kill them, and easier for them to kill a player.


  • The explanation that the zombies are the primary antagonists turns out to be even more of a proof because they have babies.
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