Zurgane is the main general in Lothor's army. He enjoys destroying everything in the service of Lothor. He is actually a small alien ant-like creature that controls the much larger samurai-like robotical suit as revealed in the toyline, but this was never shown on the series. His name is a slightly altered version of his Japanese counterpart's name: Sargain.

Even though the Thunder Rangers were on Lothor's side at the time, he despised them, for they got the glory and attention that he wanted from Lothor. He is always mocked by his crewmates because he doesn't have a mouth or eyes. Zurgane is known to be Lothor's technical advisor as he fixes objects on the ship and builds his own evil Zords and even uses robotic monsters. Zurgane's powers are teleportation, energy projection, and the ability to extend swords from his shoulders.

In "The Wild Wipeout," an alternate dimension that Goldwinger had Tori transported to had Zurgane with the personality that the normal Choobo has where both of them worked at Storm Chargers. He is among those who help Mayor Lothor fight the evil Ninja Rangers.

Zurgane was destroyed by Vexacus, another of Lothor's generals, in episode 34, "General Deception, Part II". Vexacus sought absolute power over Lothor's forces, and later collaborated with Marah and Kapri to destroy Motodrone and Shimazu. After the destruction of Zurgane's latest Zord by the Power Rangers, Zurgane was left in bad shape. Vexacus took advantage of that in order to perform a sneak attack, destroying him. When the Abyss was open Zurgane returned, only to be destroyed again by Shane.

He had later returned again from the reopened Abyss in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. He first appeared inside the Abyss with a small pack of monsters to prevent Cam and the Thunder Rangers from reclaiming the Samurai Amulet and left them to fall to their doom after a brief battle. He returned to the surfaced to serve Lothor and was partnered with Elsa of Mesogog's army. He fought against the Thunder Rangers and Tommy Oliver who destroyed him with his Brachio Staff's Energy Orb attack.

Zurgane was voiced by Peter Rowley.

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